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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by War77EL, Dec 1, 2015.

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    I have some mouse profiles setup and linked to various games which all works great, but once I am done gaming and go back to Windows and Windows Applications, either ONE of TWO things will happen: 1) Synapse will RANDOMLY select any of the profiles I have created -- Or 2)Synapse will switch to the most recent game profile that I used prior to my last gaming session (meaning if i played h1z1 BEFORE Metal Gear Phantom Pain, and then went back to either Windows or Web Browser, the h1z1 game profile will be chosen).

    There needs to be a UNIVERSAL Default for ALL peripherals in a VERY SOON TO COME UPDATE. More Specifically, I wan to be more confident using my Naga. Whether it is customizable or not, I don't particularly care. But I'm enerved by having to tinker with setting every time Synapse decides to revert to my Arkham Knight macro profile when I simply want to add a Layer Mask in Photoshop.

    The Following Method is LESS than NOT EFFICIENT:
    Simply creating a profile for Windows then link it to the "explorer.exe" process.
    When you leave your game and you click the start button (or anything related to Windows really) it'll switch back to the Windows profile.

    So if ANYONE has read this and finds me to be ignorant -- PLEASE correct moi. If you know something about Synapse that I don't, know of any third-party software that implements such a feature as I have described, plant that seed in my visual-ear.

    [*need another true-fact scenario?*]
    Typed an eighteen page paper in M'soft Word. Clicked over to a Desktop Mobile Phone application I run to reply to a message. Clicked back over to Word. Covertly, Synapse change over to MGS Phantom Pain macro profile. Pressed the macro on my mouse to "start a new paragraph, begin bullet points, & indent". Before my eyes, my paper is being deleted one word-block at a time w/ a pace of 7 words per second. YES, MOST of my paper was saved. However, I had not manually saved before the last paragraph that I typed. And THOSE words had been forgotten already. Got the paper done though. Normally I'd say, "But it's whatevs" -- not THIS damn time.
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