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Discussion in 'Razer Gold & Silver' started by mltan, Jan 22, 2018.

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  1. Solum15

    Solum15 New Member

    Please don't hesitate to do it. They are the cancers in the gaming world or much worst than a cancer.

    Dunno what and why are they complaining in P2P, but it is a great program for us gamers. The boost, optimize and defrag really did great to my laptop to perform faster while ingame. And imagine you can get a free gamer products to make your gameplay better while you are playing your favorite game.
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  2. H4rdg3ar

    H4rdg3ar Member

    Because people were collecting zSilver and not spending it in order to wait for some exclusives/limited offers.
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  3. mopfloor

    mopfloor New Member

    i think this is a pretty nice idea. reward more for those who are truly committed to razer and it will probably drive negative people insane and they'll leave.
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  4. evilchargerfan

    evilchargerfan Well-Known Member


    As a moderator on Car Club/Automotive forums, I wholeheartedly support the idea of BAN.

    Heck .... Blizzard went as far as banning people that stream Overwatch on twitch exhibiting toxic/troll-like behavior .... I say bring on the Ban Hammer!
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  5. X4vier

    X4vier Member

    Could you please explain what you want to say with 100% Razer,cuz I couldn't really understand....
    I'm not trolling I'm really confused cuz if being 100%Razer is having all razer gear it turns a bit point less farming z silver,at least in my opinion.
    In my case was with the zSilver that I obtained my Razer Deathadder Elite so yeah I kinda see the zSilver a method for those who love razer but cant afford it.
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2018
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  6. evilchargerfan

    evilchargerfan Well-Known Member

    ^^^ I'll go ahead and assume thats not trolling and will answer:

    I think I would be an example of "with razer 100%"

    mouse = razer mamba
    keyboard = razer black widow
    mouse mat = razer fire fly
    speakers = razer leviathan
    head phones = razer kraken
  7. Abyssinian

    Abyssinian Member

    Add a leviathan, a tartarus, a rogue backpack and some others amenities here and there...
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  8. mltan

    mltan CEO Staff Member

    To clarify, I mean gamers who are 100% part of the Razer community, i.e using our hardware, using our software like Cortex, using our services like zGold, being part of Insider, on our social channels etc.
  9. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Never look at this thread recently, quite bored almost every day P2P comes on the top of the threads, anyway keep the best you know, what to do, make us hype more:)
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  10. evilchargerfan

    evilchargerfan Well-Known Member

    Its time for a TIER'd program boss man. I'll use Vegas as an example. Those who have a players card will start off as "gold tier". As they work their way up and earn points by playing on the tables/slot machines or spending $$$ at the resort or signing up for visa cards and what nots, they work their way up to the next "platinum tier". Those who are loyal to the program and have some tenure/years and dump tons of $$$ will eventually work their way up to "diamond tier" and then eventually more prestigious tiers

    I'd love to see Razer implement something like this. Lets make it happen! As the home girl Zarya would say:

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  11. Niarb

    Niarb Member

    Glad to hear these news!!!
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  12. Shadow00R

    Shadow00R New Member

    You're missing my point. But you do you.

    Ultimately, it's up to Razer on how to deal with the dumb pos' that sent death threats to them. If that means shutting down p2p, so be it. Death threat senders can go **** themselves.
  13. SteelHeart

    SteelHeart Member

    So close to redeeming something I want. Hopefully the great minds at razer can brainstorm a new system
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  14. LoveSpartan

    LoveSpartan New Member

    Hi Min,

    Are you able to give some indication as to why people were sending death threats? Why people were complaining? I have some ideas I would like to run by you and your staff, however I would like to address the main issues directly.

    I do also personally agree with the decisions you are looking to make at present, this includes the ban of troll or negative users.

    Many Thanks
  15. Ekstrakt11

    Ekstrakt11 Active Member

    I will not prove how great P2P is, why we do not want @mltan to close it, 24 pages of this thread are exhausting this topic. Zero Tolerance for people sending any death threats etc., there is no place for them in this forum, the police should take care of those idiots.

    P2P program was supposed to be for hardcore gamers, at the same time for gamers who can get their first RAZER gear in this way. Who is a hardcore gamer? A guy who plays 10 hours a day? I think that a hardcore player is also a gamer who after a long day at work, after household chores (wife, children), has some time at night to play. Or he works after school/ college to pay tuition and there is not much time for anything else. Yet he sits down to the computer and plays. I think that they are also hardcore players in their own way.

    I think that the following situation is responsible for the P2P problems: the ease with which players can collect zSilver; sudden changes in p2p / changes in gift value and poor Razer communication on the subject; greed and lack of patience of people (often wanting to sell Razer's free gear) - causing waves of complaints after each change in p2p.

    Imho changes in the P2P system should go in the following direction:

    1 Lowering maximum zSilver to eg. 180/day, while changing to 1zSilver/min; extending the validity period of zSilvers to 2 years (rewarding hardcore players devoting their time to collecting zSilver - see point 2).

    2 The "prices" of gifts should be permanent (or inform about changes earlier), but set at a sufficiently high level - to get the "cheapest" prize (eg. a voucher for $ 5) you must collect zSilver at least 1 month; for pads, mouse cases, etc. over 4 months; headphones, backpacks over 1 year; keyboards, leviathan mini over 1.5 years. Give more vouchers for discounts at Razer Store. (eliminating people focused on quick sale of free gifts, even a hardcore player does not need a new keyboard every year - as in the old P2P).

    3 Introduction of a large list of games from various genres, in which playing will be rewarded with zSilver (of course, Razer decides what kind of games it is, or allows the Insider forum to submit new titles to be added to the list).

    4 Rewarding gamers who already have Razer's equipment not in P2P, but in some other way, for example - Insider achievements for each gear assigned to their account (eliminating people who will keep 1 Razer gear, only to collect zSilver faster).

    I think that the proposed changes will not completely eliminate the complaints of "pseudo fans", but because of the clarity and invariability of the rules from the beginning of the new P2P, this will be seriously limited ( haters will always complain ). You can criticize in a cultured way, without hate and without threats of death. Report such people to the Police and delete profiles on Razer Insider.

    By reducing zSilver/day and extending the time needed to win prizes, in P2P will only be the most devoted and patient Razer fans. An extended list of games that you can always get zSilver from = lack of complaints about monthly rotation. And a humble request to add zGold to RazerStore, Amazon, wherever you can :)
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  16. q_Ein

    q_Ein New Member

    Hey, received my Mouse (which is really nice) a couple of days ago and wanted to say a big thank you to you for such a nice present which one doesn't ever expect from such big companies nowadays.

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  17. Leehm

    Leehm Active Member

    Don't suspend it:frown_::frown_::frown_:
  18. Hasen123

    Hasen123 New Member

    Please this system is already good, don't suspend it guys :frown_:
  19. I love this program. I even think this program is one of the greatest inventions for gamers! Unfortunately, There are too many crazy people in this world.......fxxk them all !
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  20. Tepa6auT

    Tepa6auT New Member

    pls, no. Elon Musk save us!
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