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Discussion in 'Razer Chroma' started by DarthAffe, Mar 1, 2018.

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  1. DarthAffe

    DarthAffe New Member

    Hey there fellow RGB lovers,

    I've been working for quite some time now on RGB.NET, a C#-library to unify the various SDKs for RGB-hardware out there.
    I implemented support for razer devices based on the documentation and the emulator, but since the community was mainly built around corsair and asus, razer support came a bit short until now. Since most of the basic-stuff is done now it's time to change that, to be able to polish the existing implementations.

    Currently I'm facing two problems:
    1. Since the razer-SDK doesn't provide layout-information for the devices they need to be created by hand which isn't really a hard task but requires physical access for measuring and stuff like that.
    2. Even if the emulator is a great tool for development it's not "a real device" and it's hard to validate if everything works correctly outside of that synthetic enviroment.

    That's why I'd like to ask the razer-community for help to get everything up and running. Also I'd like to invite (C#) developers to join the RGB.NET community to bless the world with colors :)

    If you'd like to help or have some question feel free to drop me a message or join the RGB.NET-discord.
    If you're interested in something done with RGB.NET you might want to take a look at the Audio-Visualizer built with it. (Razer support is enabled, but please don't expect it to work flawless with razer deviecs until now - the reasons are described above.)
  2. Sharparam

    Sharparam Member

    Nice! It seems though that the Discord invite link has expired, perhaps you can update it with one that doesn't have an expiry date?

    Maybe it would be possible for some collaboration between your project and Colore? Was there a reason you decided not to implement support for Chroma in your library via Colore, and is it due to something we could improve?
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