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Scroll Wheel function does not work w/synapse update

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Fr1edbones, Jan 7, 2017.

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  1. Fr1edbones

    Fr1edbones New Member

    Within the past couple of days I experienced my Scroll wheel function failed to work after the latest software update.

    There is a problem with synapse software. Without the software running, I was able to use my scroll wheel just fine on all documents, as well as all webpages I visited, but would not work with the software running.

    Friday night I was getting ready for a raid in World of Warcraft. I updated all my software and proceeded to enter the game, where to my dismay, my scroll wheel function for zooming in and out in the game, failed to work. I managed to map my keyboard up/down arrows to these two functions for the duration of the raid. But it was frustrating because this was never a problem before.

    I thought my mouse had finally bit the dust because everything else on it worked, BUT the scroll wheel. So after I logged out of the game I started some trouble shooting. This function failed on every webpage and document I attempted to scroll up or down.

    So today, thinking I had to replace my mouse, I went and purchased a brand new Naga Hex V2. Got it installed and it worked beautifully, including the scroll wheel. Thought my problem had been fixed and was sad my older mouse was no longer usable, even as a back up.

    However, within the hour I got a software update notification popup on my screen. I allowed the update, but then my scroll wheel failed on my brand new mouse immediately after that software update.

    I have reported this with a trouble ticket to Razer technical support and received a response with an apology, but no remedy for the problem. After getting basically a NO HELP email, I started to do more trouble shooting and the bottom line is, the synapse software update broke the scroll wheel function on any of my mice.

    With synapse software running: two perfectly good Razer mice work perfectly EXCEPT for scroll wheel.
    With synapse program NOT running: ALL functions of both mice work well.

    Hope there is some help in this forum to see if this can get resolved.
  2. Hey Friedbones,

    Sorry to hear about this issue. I understand that you have contacted our Support Team and we would like to find out more from you. I will be dropping you a PM to gather more information on this.

    Best Regards,

    Razer Customer Support
  3. Fr1edbones

    Fr1edbones New Member

    @razer/Reima, I've forwarded the answers to your pm the other day. I've not heard back from the help tickets I submitted nor has anyone from Razer tech support reached out to me since this email from yesterday:

    "Thank you for the reply. I have escalated your issue to relevant department for further assistance. Thank you and have a nice day.

    Razer Customer Support

    Hope there is a quick resolution since I have not been able to play my games very well without the mouse working as it should. The work around I have been using is clumsy and inadequate, and frankly should never have been needed.

  4. Sorry for the late response. I have responded to your PM already :) Thanks for providing us with the information.
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