Seek help! Connect the notebook inner Access Graphics in use, software can not run on the external g

Discussion in 'Systems' started by BXmxc, Jul 17, 2017.

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  1. 2016 970m blade, in the use of akitio node external graphics card dock, the external display directly connected to the external graphics card, you can use the normal graphics card. Laptop connection card after docking, and then use the external display, connected to the notebook with HDMI can also be used, but the loss is relatively large. However, I use the card dock directly connected to the computer, directly use the laptop screen, although the computer can identify the card, but it seems unable to use high performance graphics card in the dock, when running the program is also the default directly run in 970m, this is why? How can I switch to an external video card? Or must we use Razer's own core?
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    I heard some Blade owner had bad experience with aktio node, returned it back and save for the core. Even though it stated that it's compatible with Blade 14 and stealth. Maybe you should contact their CS for the issue, as i know i never see threads about aktio here, it's probably not allowed here.
  3. If I use the core is not the default on the external graphics card to run? Also use the notebook screen.
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