Should I get the Razer BlackWidow or the DeathStalker?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Monofest, Jan 11, 2015.

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  1. Monofest

    Monofest New Member

    So the razer CES Sale is about to go on and i was debating on buying the BlackWidow or the DeathStalker... Which to buy ...
  2. Pi11z

    Pi11z New Member

    BRUH. blackwidow. just do it. it even sounds cooler.
  3. kushal

    kushal Member Staff Member

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  4. Monofest

    Monofest New Member

  5. SharkBait

    SharkBait New Member

    Blackwidow Chroma! Can't argue with all those colors! :D
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  6. Monofest

    Monofest New Member

    So many choices...
  7. My personal opinion is the blackwidow but it depends if the wrist rest matters
  8. baydirectPink465

    baydirectPink465 New Member

    Depends on what you are looking for. If you like laptop keyboards, then get the DeadStalker . However, if you like mechanical, then you ought to get the BlackWidow.
    Both keyboards are impressive, it's just a matter of choice.
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  9. Krisalys

    Krisalys New Member

    Do you hate your fingers? Do you enjoy typing on a dull, lifeless mass of plastic and silicon? Do you find that you enjoy the feeling of mush under your keys? If so, then the DeathStalker is the keyboard for you! With a full set of traditional membrane keys that are literally pieces of plastic over squishy rubber domes, you'll have the time of your life typing on an exceptionally boring surface!

    In seriousness, though, while I strongly prefer and recommend the BlackWidow line of keyboards, there are advantages to the Deathstalker series, especially if you get the Deathstalker Ultimate with the Switchblade. It really comes down mostly to personal preference.
  10. Red_Crow

    Red_Crow New Member

    Bruh, blackwidow chroma. Makes all the nerds flock your yard.
  11. Monofest

    Monofest New Member

    Honestly i have the Blackwidow BF3 edition. Lasted me forever haha! and i thought since I'm upgrading soon along with my PC and thought a change of style would be nice
  12. SharkBait

    SharkBait New Member

    My god... you are the best salesman I have ever seen on the internet... *bows down*
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  13. The blackwidow chroma is a beast to play with, and the new chroma software update that came out makes is so much better now. If I could buy the BW chroma, I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
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  14. I read under the specs how it only supports up to OS X 10.9. I have 10.10. Would the keyboards not work? This is both for the Deathstalker and Blackwidow. Thanks!
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  15. Monofest

    Monofest New Member

    They most likely should have an update along with all they're products. hopefully atleast
  16. TwoOneSierra

    TwoOneSierra New Member

    abit off topic but i'm deciding if i want to go for the Black Widow Chroma Stealth or the Ouroboros (No Chroma) as only one code... and seeing this thread still doesnt helps me decide...
  17. Monofest

    Monofest New Member

    those are 2 completely different products...
  18. greatking

    greatking Active Member

    Both the blackwidow chroma and deathstalker ultimate are mute color,
    It really depends whether you prefer a mechanical or membrane keyboard and plus the deathstalker ult. has the switchblade UI which is pretty cool
    Oh yea the death stalker also has that thingy for your arms
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  19. greatking

    greatking Active Member

    Muti-Color (auto correct) :slightly_sad:
  20. MistaEM

    MistaEM New Member

    i got the deathstalker ultimate and i do not regret it... except for the part that i got it last year and could have gotten it cheaper tomorrow lol
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