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Some questions about Kraken 7.1 Chroma's Mic

Discussion in 'Audio' started by jiauuwou, Jul 11, 2015.

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  1. jiauuwou

    jiauuwou Member


    I have a Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma .
    Its Microphone is always enabled so when I'm listening to music or playing , etc. if I turn up the volume it will receive sound which I'm hearing through the headset . if I mute the mic , its red LED will light up that bothers me becuase I have glasses and it shows the red light on my glasses o_O ... so I can't mute it .
    But I found another way to do that . I've just disabled the mic from "Windows Recording Devices" to have it muted without showing the red light .
    1. Does it still receive sound ?!
    2. I'd like to know whether it is bad to have mic always enabled or not ?!
    3. Also Does anyone know any other way to do that without disabling the mic from recording devices ?

  2. RazyRazer

    RazyRazer New Member

    have you found a solutcion bcuz i have the same problem
  3. jiauuwou

    jiauuwou Member

    If I've found a solution so why have I started this thread yesterday ?! :D
    Discussion in 'Audio' started by jiauuwou, Yesterday at 4:05 PM.

    I said something about disabling the mic from "windows recording devices" but as I said I'm not sure that it doesn't receive sound any longer .

    It seems a lot of people have this problem !
  4. jiauuwou

    jiauuwou Member

    Right now I have a problem with disabling the mic from "Recording Devices" ! :))
    If I do that and restart the PC , Razer synapse won't recognize the Headset and says :

    Updating From Razer Synapse
    Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma

    And nothing happens until I enable the MIC from "Recording Devices" and Plug the Kraken to another USB port and relaunch Synapse !
    Then everything goes OK ...

    I hope they fix the MIC's LED issue on the next updates ...
  5. crisgarcia6OT

    crisgarcia6OT Member

    If you want a Separate mic. Don't use the Kraken mic, Get the Razer Seirēn
  6. maisey

    maisey Member

    You should contact razer about this I am not sure myself.
  7. crisgarcia6OT

    crisgarcia6OT Member

    I like to use a separate mic, because of the mic quality that is included with the headphones.
  8. jiauuwou

    jiauuwou Member

    Thank you but I've got my answer 3 months ago ...
  9. meowmeow-123

    meowmeow-123 New Member

    I have a razer kraken chroma 7.1. But it dont have green/white LED when i turn on the mic! But when i muted the mic. It turns to red LED
    Can anyone tell me how to fix this problems??
  10. Longshotpro2

    Longshotpro2 Member

    Its not a problem, there is a new version of the headset that only has the mute light. The earlier version had the green/white light.
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