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Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by FrozenFireVR, Apr 19, 2018.


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  1. Just loaded the latest Synapse V3 update 3.3.918.91818 and it's a big fail. Profiles are not being recognized or bizarrely, only partially recognized using Tartarus V2. It's the last straw for me after months of issues, fails and bugs, the Tartarus V2 is going back for a full refund and I'll go back to totally stable Synapse V2 and the unbreakable Nostromo. There must be 1000 or more posts here at Razer Insider with major, valid gripes about Synapse V3. Grrrrr...
  2. HOW ... just HOW! did you take already crappy software and make it worse! I cannot go back synapse 2 and have spent an entire day messing with it! I specifically use the color schemes tied to individual profiles constantly! that is no longer possible with Synapse 3 ... you have effectively destroyed my need to own your hardware .. I will be tossing this crap on Ebay and try to salvage $$ i can to replace it with something!
  3. LernaeanHydra

    LernaeanHydra New Member

    Except (at least for me) all the profile/color settings are lost as soon as synapse is not running (i.e. on every reboot) and my mouse goes back to color cycling until synapse restarts... plus why do I want Synapse running all the time? Save settings to the device for simple things like static lighting.
  4. MorBlade

    MorBlade New Member

    I just purchased the Naga Trinity to go with my other Razer stuff { BlackWidow Chroma and FireFly Hard mouse pad} and I downloaded the Synapse 3. It is terrible. With Synapse 2 I could add my MMO (6) and set up the key colors. AND IT WORKED. With Chroma 3, not so much. Why did you have to make it do fracking difficult? Seriously, I just want my different MMOs to have different colors. Not Rocket Science. Synapse 2 way more user friendly.. I would go back to Synapse 2, but it doesnt recognize the Razer Trinity....
  5. neverrazoragain

    neverrazoragain New Member

    Synapse is the straw finishing my decades with Razer. I'm done with that brand.
    Formerly the quality of Razor devices was outstanding, but meanwhile a mouse last max 18 months and a blackwiddow X ultimate for 200 bucks starts getting issues after same time. Check for the workaround to fix the mouse wheel issues, and open the mouse by your own. This became cheap chinese crap to maximize profit only. But the hit is that overcrowded driver software called Synapse with the intend is to spy you out and sell you more useless crap and sell the info they gather to make more money. This piece of useless code gives me so many times issues. Most of your competitors beat you here easily too.It is a fu..g driver software, and so many times you
    install a PC it even is not detecting it's own brand devices and you need to hassle arr\ound uninstalling here, installing, if it don't work, try this.
    WTF guys, we buy your items because we want to play!
    Go back where you came from and craft things the gaming community needs.
    craft quality we want to get for the higher price we pay!
    stop spying around what we do to sell the infos to get some extra bucks!
    stop bothering us with infos we don't want, without forcing us to play around in YOUR default settings to stop the shit we never wanted and we even never got asked for!

    Razor guys, I'm done with you and your brand!
    and out!

    A fan since your brand came up,
    a one you lost.
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  6. GODzillaGSPB

    GODzillaGSPB New Member

    Just wanted to give a quick feedback because things gotten better even BEFORE the last update and here are all the things I changed

    1.) In another thread someone suggest to go into Windows services and set every Razer service to "automatic (delayed)", I did that. I would thanks that person but unfortunately forget which thread it was. :slightly_sad:

    2.) I logged out and logged in again in the Razer Center / Razer Synapse. I was logged in since I first installed the app. Not sure if that did anything, but wanted to mention it anyway.

    Since then the profiles change instantly when I start a game, change back to default when I exit. I had problems with that before, where the profiles didn't change until I opened the app (kinda "reminding" it it had a job to do), or restarting the app and / or the app getting sluggish after a while. This seems to be gone now. Again, even before the last update, so the above steps might matter.

    What I also found out is that the software does react to certain overlays and I just wanted to bring that to your attention. For instance I use Nvidia Experience for my screenshots, it's constantly running in the background. When I open the overlay in the game I can see the profile temporarily switching back to my default Windows profile, until I close the overlay. This might have caused a bug (and is causing it for others) I've seen before, where the profiles are switching back and forth while a game is running, even without the Nvidia Experience overlay being active.

    It doesn't however react to overlays that are part of the game it seems. For instance in Assassins Creed Odyssey: The Nvidia Experience overlay triggers the profile switch, the UPlay overlay does not.

    So, yeah...just wanted to share some possible workarounds, tipps and things I found out. Might help, might not. ^^
  7. FrozenFireVR

    FrozenFireVR Well-Known Member

    When you launch a third party overlay, the game is no longer in focus, so that would be intended behaviour. But I felt the whole profile switching extremely sluggish and disabled them altogether.
  8. aeroflynn

    aeroflynn New Member

    they are forcing you to update and we all have to log in again, sick of it .. STOP
  9. VaporWatch1

    VaporWatch1 New Member

    Ok, I've been using Razer for quite a while now. I've learned Synapse 2 paired with a multi-button Razer mouse give me numerous advantages in my business, so I not only have Razer keyboard, mouse, game-pad, Goliath mouse pad, headphones, and headphone stand at my house, I have also outfitted all 8 of the computers in my office with Razer BlackWidow Ultimate keyboards and Razer Naga Chroma mouses as well. I've found the ability to easily create macros for repetitive data entry makes productivity go through the roof! Up until last week, all was well in VapingWatch world. Then an employee told me, "Hey Watch, the buttons on my mouse aren't working!". We put the equipment in my office through quite a lot of abuse, so, after checking that they actually were dead instead of a stupid mistake, I figured 2 years of daily use was acceptable and just decided to buy another. To Amazon I went and found the Naga Chroma has been replaced by the Naga Trinity! Hey! More functionality for less money! Right on!

    Fast forward to receiving my shiny new Naga Trinity. Opened the box and plugged it in and..................hmmmmmmm.........Synapse isn't recognizing it. Look online and find out it's only good on Synapse 3! Allrighty then! Installed Synapse 3 and..........wait...........where are all my macros? My settings? All my profiles?????? This stuff took DAYS to set up! We have profiles for Excel, Word, Gimp, Chrome, Desktop, Ship Station, Open Cart, etc, etc.......HUNDREDS of macros to do everything from changing the date on our labels to helping inventory control! There's NO WAY Razer would make someone start all over, right? Razer cares enough about their customers to make Synapse 3 pull settings from Synapse 2, right? RIGHT?????

    So here I am..........with a grand total of 10 Razer keyboards, 9 Razer mouses, and various other devices all using Synapse 2. My question to anyone with Razer who cares enough to answer is: Are there plans to allow profiles, macros, and other settings from Synapse 2 to be automatically and/or EASILY converted to Synapse 3? Ignoring the fact that Synapse 3 is a hot mess (at least it's marginally functional) is Razer going to go so far as to actually take a dump on loyal customers' heads?
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  10. Starshaker

    Starshaker New Member

    Razer it is really a fucking shame to offer such a bad software for such expensive high end products! Is it really so hard too fix that problems or are you just wasting time and money on
    advertising instead of spending it on the improvment of your support software??? Please learn
    from logitech!
    PS: I`ve got a razer keybord, mouse and headphones and i love your products but really i hate synapse 2 and 3 beta!!!!! That have too change!
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2018 at 3:13 PM
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  11. Lusabit

    Lusabit Member

    For a bunch of amateurs .. Yes !
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  12. Noob_behind_you

    Noob_behind_you New Member

    Any news on adding support for the rest of the lacking legacy peripherals?
  13. Zihongeyu

    Zihongeyu New Member

    i think that synapse is really good aplication....
  14. FLRSSJ

    FLRSSJ New Member

    Does anyone know how I can check for mouse acceleration in Razer's program Synapse 3? I just got a Deathadder elite, never had a razer product before, and it just feels weird compared to my previous mouse, when I move it pretty fast (especially in game) it's like it my crosshair moves more than it should (on the same dpi level and sensitivity as with my previous mouse). I mostly play CS GO. I thought maybe it had some acceleration but I do not know how to check it in this shitty program. I saw in people's older videos on youtube with older versions of synapse that there was an option to change the mouse acceleration, lift off distance, etc. I can't find them at all in synapse 3. Does anyone know what I can do? Will installing an older version of Synapse help (although installation for synapse 3.3 started immediately after I plugged it the mouse)?
    And yes enhance pointer precision is disabled in windows settings.
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