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[Status update] Razer Core shipment

Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Apr 8, 2016.

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  1. kurohyo

    kurohyo Active Member

  2. The last production update was made on the 23rd of June. Come on Razer, with such a high demand, doesn't the brand believe it would be in its best interest to keep its customers informed?

    I'm still waiting for this piece of tech to be released in Australia so that I can complete my "white collar gamer" set up!

    I understand why Razer wouldn't want to put a timeline on an Australian release but it sure would help if there were more production updates so at least we know that things are rolling along smoothly.
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  3. I'm with you. I'm in Australia. I'm waiting patiently, and with some excitement, to get the core to go with my Stealth. I look at this thread every couple of days, hoping to see some progress with shipments. I don't need something concrete, but would like to see some updates, to keep me warm and fuzzy about this.
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  4. My brother's already purchased the RBS on my recommendation and looking to buy the Core as well. The only problem is that the voucher that comes with purchasing an RBS to put towards the Core has an expiry and I don't think it's fair that this expires without having the chance to even use it.

    Would Razer comment on this as well please?

    I'm waiting until the Core comes out to buy my RBS.
  5. I'm a trusting sort. Razer have already advised that the voucher has been extended once. And they made the voucher available to those people that had already purchased the stealth earlier on. So I think everything will be OK. And I do like my Stealth - it is so quick - compared to previous 'Work' laptops that my company has been prepared to supply me with...Plus a keyboard that changes colours, and it is so light and small, and takes so little room in my bag...
  6. I figured that they would but just wanted to verify I guess.
    This RBS is going to be such a huge upgrade for me - currently running a MacBook Air 2011 (or maybe 2012) and playing Dota 2 on the thing is a bit of a struggle.

    Great to hear you like your RBS, my brother is also heaps happy on it! Perhaps I should just buy my RBS now... hmm food for thought!
  7. kurohyo

    kurohyo Active Member

    you should if you have the money its been 3 months since i purchased mine and i believe i won't regret it!!!
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  8. Technokat, would be great to get some sort of response to the last few posts made by members.
  9. Has anyone received an update for the August 12 backorder?
  10. hars500

    hars500 New Member

    Mine said 8/10 but now it's 8/26 and I ordered it on 7/8
  11. Any update for Asia, Australia and New Zealand release date?

    Without Core, I cannot start any game with my stealth. Please at least give us a Core release date for us to plan our hardware update schedule.
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  12. bja70

    bja70 New Member

    delayed again. was set to ship from aug 26th now sep 16th. geez.
  13. Hey,

    I got in touch with them 2 weeks ago complaining about the delay in providing Cores in Australia (yes, not my proudest moment) and asked for an ETA.
    All I got back was "thanks for your continued interest in our product..."

    So I bit the bullet and bought one off e-bay and it arrived 2 days later. Sure it was expensive and I didn't get to use the discount - but I now get to benchmark the core and enjoy gaming sessions without the whirring sound of fans.

    And that's a key point we don't stress enough - Sound and temperature.
    While gaming, the CPU is running on average 20 degrees cooler (= cooler keyboard surface) and the sound of the fans (GPU fans from core enclosure and CPU from within the laptop) is bearable, unlike previously.

    So far, performance is below my expectations (Gtx 1070) - getting 30-35fps at 1440p on Witcher 3 on a Blade 2016 vs desktop benchmarks that achieve over double that is disappointing. But then I remember how convenient it all is and the great community on these forums and it's all worth it.

    In conclusion (sorry for the long post), I do hope for all you fellow AU and Asia Razer laptop owners get to order them soon. I expect the cost will be AU$ 750-800 (incl. shipment).
  14. Hegdaddy

    Hegdaddy Active Member

    How much did you pay? I got my 2016 Blade in June (I purchased it based on the understanding I could also get a Core) and I'm still waiting. It's a joke. A very big let down from Razer made worse by a lack of explanation from the company. To add insult to injury, a couple of months after releasing the "New" Blade, another version with a 1060 is announced.
  15. Hey, I paid a total of AU$1071 for the Core (incl. shipping at approx AU$150).

    I struggled with that whole 1060 update vs Core release delay and I tried to push that across to Razer support but they wouldn't hear it.

    I stressed the Blade 16 was "incomplete" without the Core and that I had waited so long now that I couldn't return the laptop (>2weeks)... I did all I could but it fell on deaf ears.

    I offered the following 3 options:
    1. Send me a Core from the US (which I would pay for, naturally - ignored by Razer);
    2. Provide an ETA for the Core in Australia (the answer was "we're working on it");
    3. Acknowledging >2 weeks since receipt of laptop, return of the product to Razer until they got their act together and buy the later version (with Gtx 1060) and Core simultaneously (of course realising I was pushing it but why not ask - ignored by Razer).

    I'm glad I made that decision, it is an incredible product - but gosh am I disappointed by Razer's support team...
    I was an Alienware owner of 3 laptop generations of 15" and 17" laptops until 3 years ago (too bulky once out of Uni & campus).
    Maybe I was lucky, maybe it was a consequence of Dell (which owns Alienware) being a heavier weight than Razer or simply far more experienced customer care but Alienware's support throughout that time was phenomenal, something that is definitely lacking with Razer (this is my experience to date with the customer reps I have been in contact with - I am sure/hope there are exceptions).
  16. Hegdaddy

    Hegdaddy Active Member

    Damn, that's alot. I'm expecting the Core to be about 750-800 AUD, but with any luck I will get to use my expired core credit and only pay 600 or so out of my own pocket.

    Can't fault Dell's support - I've dealt with them for many years and they are second to none. Sadly, I've shared very similar experiences to you with Razer and I am left overwhelmingly disappointed.
  17. You will have no difficulty using the coupon.
    It's just the never ending delay that was killing me
  18. Hegdaddy

    Hegdaddy Active Member

    I am super envious. I have a 5 month old child though and I am already struggling to justify paying the cost as is!
  19. I ordered my Core on September 21st. Any idea how long it will take to get it? How long have people out there been waiting for theirs? I'm not talking to all y'all in Europe and Australia. I know you guys are screwed! :smile_:

    Disregard. I ordered it on the 21st and got it on the 26th! Guess I got lucky or they have caught up and it is not as much of an issue. I expected a delay so I didn't get a video card. Had to order one today. EVGA GTX 1070 SC. The FTW looked like it might not fit easily and from what I've read the difference in performance between the SC and FTW is negligible. Thoughts?
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  20. I have ordered the Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma and I haven't got my shipment confirmation email yet it has been about 4 days. When will I get it?
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