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Synapse Equalizer

Discussion in 'Audio' started by SuperLifik, Jan 23, 2018.

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  1. SuperLifik

    SuperLifik New Member

    I have Razer ManO'War, my first USB headphones. Before I had Superlux HD681 and Asus Cerberus, on both I had Windows Enhancements - environment on "silenced room" (or something like that, I'm roughly translating it from Polish) and equalizer on "powerful". Settings were amazing, fitting me and my prefference. Now, with ManO'War I don't have that Windows tab, but I have Synapse. Problem is, I'm not really good with audio and I have no clue what to change to get close to my old settings. I hate that weird, like in the water effect. I want it to be clear, have "powerful" boost and that room environment thingy.
    Anyone knows how to handle it? :)
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