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Sync saved games

Discussion in 'Razer Cortex' started by silverdoe, Dec 19, 2016.

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  1. silverdoe

    silverdoe New Member

    Is this feature still part of the app? I don't see it on the beta so hopefully it will be back when widely released. I also want more than just Google as connected app cuz I used to sync my saves to Dropbox/OneDrive as well.
    One little request is to control the app in full-screen with a gamepad. It used to be a feature when the app was still called GameBooster, hopefully it's back with this revamp. Thanks.
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  2. TrigoStar

    TrigoStar New Member

    Sync saved games was my fav thing.
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  3. InfernoFlameZERO

    InfernoFlameZERO New Member

    Shame if it gone. Mainly used it for some of the steam games, that don't have cloud save.
  4. GeotenGR

    GeotenGR New Member

    Yeap , the best feature!!
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  5. TemporalArc

    TemporalArc New Member

    Upvote. Came here just to ask for this. Gamesync with dropbox, GDrive and OneDrive should all be brought over.
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