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The Future of CES Appreciation Sales

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Min-Liang Tan, Jan 14, 2015.


Should we still hold these appreciation sales in the future?

  1. Yes

    3,048 vote(s)
  2. No

    175 vote(s)
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  1. Chuemmer

    Chuemmer Active Member

    Hey man! If you want they still have Nabus, Backpacks, and clothing in stock - all of which you can still get 50% off! I think that's a great deal as well, I got a $120 for $60 and I am happy with that!
  2. WickedSlammy

    WickedSlammy New Member

    Make the sale only last 6 hours then. The website crashes would also keep things under control! Haha

    They aren't losing anything, im pretty sure they make more than 50% profit on most of their products. They might be getting close to selling some at near cost but I doubt they are losing money.

    If they are, make the discount only 40%. You would have to know the actual production costs and know what their ROI is and I'm pretty sure it's greater than 50%.
  3. Chuemmer

    Chuemmer Active Member

    Servers? That requires a complete overhaul on their end, plus they would need to purchase a ton more bandwidth. You just don't seem to grasp the concept that at the end of the day this a business trying to give back to it's fans. Heck the Chroma Diamondback is still in stock. A ton of clothes and backpacks are in stock. Just because a handful of items went out doesn't mean that the sale was a flop. I am for one am thoroughly grateful for the sale. Even though I didn't get the Leviathan like I wanted to.
  4. InuHanyou1701

    InuHanyou1701 New Member

    As great as I am sure those items are, my budget's a little tight right now and I had this money earmarked for this specific item. Oh well. Maybe next time.
  5. Chuemmer

    Chuemmer Active Member

    I understand completely - it can be rough. My budget is kinda tight as well, but the windrunner jacket just looks so nice and comfy! Better luck to you next time around though, man :)
  6. The razor sale is fantastic and you should continue it. The question in my mind is what your intent is ?
    If is to generate hype then you dfinately succeeded
    If it was to promote your product to those who don't own it them , then again you succeeded
    If it was to give something back to your fans then probably not

    I would suggest that you find a way to reward the owners of your products not those who create an account just for the discount.

    I personally have bought Tiamat headphones,copperhead mouse, Tarantula keyboard and nostrums keypad over the years , but when i tried to get the maba mouse on special found the servers were down for maintenance and then overloaded and was left by disappointed and jaded by the whole experiance.

    Keep making great products and yes the sale is a good idea but with your growth of popularity it might need to be reworked.
  7. LemonSpider

    LemonSpider Member

    Ok. I'm gonna give some feedback/recommendations. First of all, EVERYONE is grateful for the CES sales. Although there will always be people who won't get what they want, people are more mad at the fact that someone got a Razer item for 50% off and they didn't. Even though it is extremely generous for Razer to give the discount, people are gonna get mad that someone who isn't them got the discount price.

    What you were saying about stock: Maybe hold the CES Appreciation Sale something like a month later or so so you can build up a larger stock for the larger demand of the sale?

    Talking about the traffic on Razerzone.com: Maybe find a way to prioritize dedicated Razer fans such as the active ones on Razer Insider? Thats just an idea, but an idea like that, although it would anger many people, could help keep order to the traffic on the website. Maybe a first come first serve type of system?

    About dropping the discount amount: I don't think you should drop it to something like 10%. I feel like this wouldn't be too significant and wouldn't show the appreciation you are trying to communicate to your fans. Also 10% isn't enough for the dedicated fans who can't afford normal price to benefit from.

    Also, to lower traffic, maybe make items you can get 50% off of a minimum price of x dollars such as $100 or something. And then like 35% for everything under?

    I'm giving these recommendations not because I don't appreciate the CES Appreciation Sale and not because I think you guys need to please the fans you're already giving 50% off to, but so you can make the event smoother and happier for both the fans and you.
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  8. DragonHawk013

    DragonHawk013 New Member

    I like the idea that you guys do put on this sale as a thank you to fans, but I also have to agree with those who are upset- I found out about your items a few years ago through another gaming website, CAG and decided to try out some things- (the PAX Mora earbuds for starters) Then later on I found out about this sale, and since the Leviathan came out, I've held off for a sale to pick one up. And every time it's been the same issue. Sale goes live, servers and site tank, left waiting in hopes for another sale. Logitech used to have a 1/2 code once a year good for a X amount of days instead of 24 hours. Didn't have a problem picking up what I would like.Maybe something like that instead of extending a sale?
  9. iamzombie

    iamzombie New Member

    Here's some ideas...
    Have stock of popular products.
    Fix your crappy e-storefront.
    The canadian store still shows stock of the product I want, but everytime I try to add it to my cart, I get an empty cart (in 3 different browsers)
  10. ChrisJFox64

    ChrisJFox64 New Member

    "This year - we screwed up - we reversed the codes but we fixed it in the first 30 mins and the sale went on for the next 23.5 hours."

    GG Razer still having issues with codes just like the previous year, kappa.
  11. Jeff741258

    Jeff741258 New Member

    In my opinion, I think the sale is great and even I didn't get the item that i want due to slow internet in bot CES sales. I think it is the way of handing out code needs to be chance. Right now the code can be obtain by last min registration, which i think it is not fair as a lot of razer fan been on this razer insider since the start. I think there should be requirements to obtain the code like there should be 100 posts etc.
  12. icewlf

    icewlf New Member

    I'm pretty new to Razer, and got really excited when I found out you do this sale if you get best of CES. I love the idea, because it gives me a shot at getting a peripheral that I don't necessarily need, but would really like to try out, at a price that doesn't hurt. I was lucky enough to get what I wanted (orbweaver chroma) but I also intentionally chose an item that wasn't being talked about much in the threads about the sale, in the hopes that it would last longer before being sold out. Even with that, it took 20 minutes of refreshing to get it, and I had it wiped from my shopping cart twice. That was the only part that really irritated me, but, it comes with having your servers mobbed =P. I'm excited that I got what I wanted, but was fully prepared to be disappointed, and would have looked forward to trying again next year. .

    As far as I saw, you did a good job of trying to set expectations. I view trying to get a rare online sale like this the same way I do standing inline for a new console, or a special sale in a store. The advantage here is, if I don't get lucky, I just have to wait for stock to come back and pay normal retail price, rather than having to pay 3x+ on ebay, or wait 6 months.

    I view it as fun to try, even if I don't win. You'll never make everyone happy, and the unhappy often tend to be more vocal about it. I hope you keep doing the sale, but totally understand if you chose not to. I think its an awesome gesture to the fans, and its so cool that you involve us in the decision process as well.
  13. klevin

    klevin New Member

    threatening 10% off next year, won't help your company grow, Making customers unhappy won't make your company grow. Finding a solution to obstacles like this is what makes companies succeed.
  14. jpants94

    jpants94 Active Member

    You all do realize that this thread was started last year after the CES sale and not this year. There were no code mixups this year because they only had 50% off peripherals and nothing for the systems like past years.
  15. friendlly

    friendlly New Member

    All of these items are Made in China or in other Asian countries. The profit margin for Razer selling stuff is higher than them selling the same things at Best Buy or other other retailers. Looking at the cost to make these things (judging by other current electronics) is about 25%-30%. No one is loosing money here.
  16. -scorpius-

    -scorpius- New Member

    I haven't read the entire thread so apologies if I'm repeating what's already been said.

    I think the size of the discount combined with the fact the sale was open to anyone just attracted huge amounts of people with no interest in Razer products but who saw the opportunity to make a quick buck on ebay. As an example, Blackwidow Chromas usually sell for around 120GBP on ebay.co.uk. After taking into account shipping costs and seller fees that represents a 30-40% profit to anyone who managed to buy one at 70GBP.

    My thoughts are continue with the CES sales but reduce the discount to 25% - still a good discount but should deter ebay sellers.
  17. sion212

    sion212 New Member

    best comment here, I hope they listen to you.
  18. friendlly

    friendlly New Member

    120GBP-70GBP= 50GBP. In 50GBP you have to account for eBay, Paypal and shipping fees. Final profit in the line of 10%. Not a huge opportunity.

  19. -scorpius-

    -scorpius- New Member

    Ebay fees would be 12GBP, UK shipping no more than 7GBP, paypal fees no more than 5GBP. This leaves you with a profit of 26GBP which is 37% of the 70GBP purchase cost.
  20. leetparkMint367

    leetparkMint367 New Member

    So no back order, completely non functional ordering process and zero inventory all while your one guinea pig powered server melts.

    It's funny because I have bought razer products for years, never on sale mind you but this year your sale happened to line up with when I was going to buy a keyboard anyway. Now after I get forced into creating a forum account (which I have no interest in) you guys manage to screw over your 50% discount crap in such an utterly unacceptable way I am seriously considering just boycotting your company for life.

    Of course this isnt the only straw, you guys managed to retroactively F up my mouse I liked (Razer Naga Hex) after migrating to windows 10 your synapse software causes a 10 minute delay before the mouse starts functioning, if I remove it boom works perfect the second I start. I should also mention the deluge of mocking automated emails informing me the keyboard I wanted was in my cart and I just had to click checkout while your servers burned

    You should base future sales solely off the question "is Razer competent enough to handle an increase in traffic" based off this experience I would say no.
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