The New Razer Blade (7th Gen Intel i7)

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    I'm highly skeptical that laptops sold by MS go through special QC. Reps tell people different things, same reason that I got approved for the MS Complete warranty on my Blade and @fer.geraci didn't. Extra QC would cost MS a lot of money for starters. Second, every laptop I've bought from them has been sealed. Dell, MSI, multiple Razers. I got an MSI GS43 last year that had terrible backlight bleed, worst I've seen on a laptop. My 2016 Blade that I kept also had bright bleed on top. The one before that which I returned had a pink hue that I couldn't calibrate out. There is no extra QC, they are blowing smoke.

    You need to see how high you can push it! I got my score to 10,110 with a 200/400 OC.
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  2. Joshua B_no_id

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    I just reviewed the new Razer Blade. I think it's good but I was really hoping for more spec increases and perhaps even an RGB lighting option to go along with their other peripherals. Maybe my hopes were too high.
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    The images you used though are from the old RB Pro.
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    Ah, good points.

    What @vistar said. Also, the UHD isn't even out yet but you have a little portion of it in your article.
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    I just received my new Kaby Blade from Amazon. No backlight bleed, no dead pixels, looks and runs perfect.
    I'm pretty happy with my purchase this is my first Blade and first non-mac computer in 10 years.
    I still have a late 2013 imac and for work a 2016 macbook pro 15.4. But the blade is pretty dang nice, I've wanted something for gaming for a long time and was tired of the sad performance on my imac. This fits the bill perfectly
    nice build quality, black alum is fingerprint collector but I just wipe it down and it's all nice and shiny again.
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    what the hell, so amazon is getting the good units?!?!?!?!?!
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    How are everyone's FHD Blades in terms of snug or loose bezel at the bottom of the screen? Is there any slight give when you gently press on it? Would like to know if most of them have this or not.
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    Go order from Amazon now. Just about to drop off my 2nd kaby blade from Microsoftstore.
  9. davidmthekidd

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    I'll prefer to try strike 2 and even strike 3, I need the Microsoft Warranty. I called my local MS Stores in NYC and they refuse to insure the laptop if I get it from someone else other than MS.
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    Just got mine from Microsoft store yesterday - the 512 GB version. Didn't get the accidental coverage yet but I'm going to add that within 30 days if I decide to keep it.

    I was initially skeptical after so many negative reviews but after I saw it in person I had to have it (or at least try it). Other than the thick bezel and the snake logo it is absolutely gorgeous.

    So far everything seems to be great. Ran Witcher 3 yesterday at 1080p on all high and hairworks off - it was giving me solid 55-60 FPS which is better than my old desktop. Trackpad and keyboard is also very responsive. I could care less about the speaker as I always use a headphone.

    The only problem I have is that the fan is ridiculously loud. When gaming it is so loud I can hear it through the headphones. Is this normal? My CPU temps were at mid-80s. When I turned off turbo boost on the i7 it was still hovering at high 70s (also lost ~5 FPS in Witcher 3)

    Also, whenever I put load on the computer the fan shoots up. At idle if I'm not doing anything then it is dead silent.
    I went to Razer website and downloaded the all in one driver update but it didn't seem to change much.

    I guess for laptop of this form factor and this processing power I'm going have to live with the fan noise?
  11. Beweasd

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    Would the fhd blade be worth it, I owned the sky lake fhd one for a bit but now want to get the Kaby lake with the 4K screen since I'd like a touchscreen would this be worth it? Tired of waiting.
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    I want a Blade for 'uni work'
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    I did break 10000 that's correct. We will see how I do tonight. My laptop is waiting for me at the house. Praying for no bleed this time!

    Just remember memory OC will do little to nothing for performance in games. You are just doing it for pretty numbers.
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    I know, it's just fun to see how high I can go. Good luck with your new Blade!
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    Verdict is in @JLP209 and @fer.geraci . This one also has some bleed. Its probably about 40-50% less than my first, but it's still there. It does have the bezel that's not sealed tight as well. I will try to take accurate pics to show it. I need to make a decision tonight as to what I'm gonna do. Do I live with the second one? Or do I roll the dice order the Blade from Amazon and just return both of these to Razer for refunds.
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    we need the 1080 version refurbished....and in newegg for no taxes hehehe
  17. fer.geraci

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    oh man... sorry to hear! can usee it once in windows? dont waste your time w razer. amazon/best buy are the way to go. overnight two, one from each, keep the winner. i know it sounds crazy but after all this time, u will go crazy should u get another bad
  18. davidmthekidd

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  19. bestDirtfever714

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    I've been holding on to a hefty gift card for Best Buy that I received as a gift during the holidays last year, which would make the blade substantially cheaper than going with Amazon.. Are the chances of receiving a Blade with bleed pretty low through Best Buy, or is it equally a roll of the dice either way?
  20. I purchased mine from Best Buy about 12 days ago. I have a minimal amount of bleed that is only noticeable during the black startup screens. It does not bother me and I don't even notice it unless I am actively seeking it out. The rest of the computer is a rock star!
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