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Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Mar 28, 2017.

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  1. Pentalobe

    Pentalobe Active Member

    If you really never use it just unplug the battery from the motherboard... Run it to about 40-50% first. Hook it back up to cycle twice a year or so is also good.

    It's bad to leave lithium batteries too full or too empty for long periods of time. In fact, my sony phone has a feature called battery care that prevents leaving a full battery overnight

    Lenovo power manager also lets you set charger start and stop level on my thinkpads, but there is no feature like this for razer. Maybe some windows program will do it, but these tend to work poorly and only when the PC is booted up.
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  2. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Modern lithium ion batteries have built in circuits to protect from overcharging. Unless the system malfunctions and the circuit fails to protect from overcharging, letting the power adapter plugged even after battery full showed should not be no problem. My old Blade 2015 only down 30 minutes from around 4,5 to 4 after 2 years (battery safety and light task) which is normal imo, Blade 2017 still around 7 hours (FCU 1709 seems made it 5 but rollbacked to 1703 back 7 hours, maybe power options setting things) since April. And I’m using it at home on high temperature always (gaming) no battery defect (bulging).
    I think bulging is because power adapter have to deliver big voltage to power GPU and especially Blade Pro with 1080 seems has too tiny battery to properly support the GPU, and overheating happened, maybe those automatic circuits systems was also error because the heat.
  3. Grimmwor

    Grimmwor Active Member

    All I know is that with virtually no use, the battery on my 2015 Blade 14" QHD+ became defective after less than two years. I think there is a good chance this had to do with how hot that thing got when gaming than anything else. I think the heat damaged the well as the panel...over time. And I think the panel was often powered on even when the lid was closed, which I would attribute to bios and hardware, not windows power settings.

    I can report that the 2017 Blade Pro FHD (GTX1060) doesn't ever get even remotely as hot as the 2014 Blade 14" QHD, so that is great.

    Shifting topics...

    1709 created so many issues on my blade pro that I downloaded a 1703 ISO from a non-microsoft site (because MS doesn't make it available anymore) and completely re-installed windows. I am blocking 1709 from auto-update using wushowhide (from microsoft).

    Personally, I do not recommend FCU 1709 to anyone and MS should be ashamed of releasing it and deserves a shitstorm of criticism for forcing it on people.

    Google "1709 FCU issues"...or "FCU 1709 Optimus"...

    Microsoft, nVidia, Intel (...and AMD?) - maybe even AMI and Award bios engineers - need to start having weekly (or even daily) JAR/JRP/JADr sessions, and start fixing shit in days and weeks...not months and years. Heck...why not even invite some hardware manufacturers like Dell, Lenovo, ASUS and Razer...

    I find it mind numbing that official intel and ms windows forums have threads with hundreds and even thousands of posts from users reporting FCU issues and they just keep rolling it out and forcing it on paying customers.
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  4. amarrindustrial

    amarrindustrial New Member

    Dear all, I made a thread-local search for the keyword "Linux", and it didn't yield any results, so I'll be posting some questions here.

    I want to use 4K version of this laptop both as a workstation (I do plenty of technical stuff, such as computer programming, compiling big projects) and as an entertainment center that I can take on a business trip (weight doesn't bother me).
    The question is -- do we have any information that Ubuntu LTS or Ubuntu rolling release will work well on 4K version of this machine? What are the instructions to boot from USB without any problems with resolution.

    Regarding 4K vs FHD versions. I wonder what are the refresh rates of the corresponding screens? By how much 4K compensating for higher resolution through lowering refresh rate? How much more energy consuming is 4K version?

    If there are problems with Linux for 4K version, can anyone report if FHD version (RZ09-02202G75-R3G1) works well.

    Other questions -- this laptop clearly has an OEM version of Windows installed. Does it have bloatware (like Lenovo and especially ASUS)? Is there any way I can dual-partition this OEM version to dual-boot into Linux? FHD version, sadly, goes with a smaller SSD by default (256GB versus 4K's 1TB). Is there a way I can add a 1TB SSD alongside with stock SSD not to lose OEM version of Windows? If so, will I be able to put Linux on this drive and override Windows boot loader without having to resize any partitions?

    Sadly, there is not much information online about this machine's interplay with Linux distros, so forgive me for questions being slightly Linux-centric, please understand that in Europe price tag on that bad boy starts at 2.5KEUR and ends at 5.5KEUR, so it's a noticable purchase which I won't make unless I'm completely sure that things will go as planned.
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  5. Grimmwor

    Grimmwor Active Member

    People keep buying it...that's some point there will be a reconning. While it builds revenue walls around software manufacturers, I understand why iOS is a hygienic landscape...

    There is a Linux sub-forum here:
    The blade pro fhd has two physical itty bitty 256gb ssd and a ginormous 54k hdd 2TB.

    I have also started researching a dual boot windows / linux setup. That Razer foum I referenced seems to have some good hype on this topic. If you are looking for a technical forum to help solve problems, try new and innovative hardware, software, setups and solutions, and in general be geeky, move on down the road. Razer Insider is just a big hype-fest / commercial / circle jerk... [and it works for them...I am typing this on about $3k worth of razer stuff]
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  6. amarrindustrial

    amarrindustrial New Member

    > The blade pro fhd has two physical itty bitty 256gb ssd and a ginormous 54k hdd 2TB.

    Interesting. Does it mean that the hardware store in my city have tampered with the product?


    In regards to Razer Insder forums: I get the separation of concerns better now, thank you.

    I have posted a revised version of my question to the Linux forums:
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