The Razer Blade Stealth & Razer Core

Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Jan 5, 2016.

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  1. XPSBrenden

    XPSBrenden New Member

    Just picked up one from the Microsoft store. Couldnt be happier
  2. mmogaming

    mmogaming New Member

    I am curious to see what "games" owners have been running on the stealth. I know the CORE is not out yet but I am really curious how some games hold up with just the stealth.

    Can anyone commit on the games below:

    MOBA Games

    DOTA 2

    MMOs Games


    FPS Games


    MISC Games

    Rocket League
    Star Caft

    And Others.

    Thanks in Advance!
  3. byteFlirtinteractive386

    byteFlirtinteractive386 Active Member

    im sure they work, just not very well.
  4. Gladiatorbunny

    Gladiatorbunny New Member

    Soooo... I was fiddling around with the power cord, trying to connect it to the laptop, and I saw some very tiny sparks fly where the metal connected. Nothing spectacular, but it made a noise which prompted me to look closer and I could definitely see the sparks. Is that normal for these types of connections? Has anyone else seen something like this (or is willing to test it)? In other words, is that something I should worry about or is that normal?
  5. TyMcLean

    TyMcLean Active Member

    The only game on your list I play is Starcraft 2. It runs perfectly fine on medium settings. I'm sure LoL would be fine as well, just not high settings, but playable for sure.
  6. Seems like a reasonable price. If the long term value is there. I can buy a MacBook and it will not drop in price by 70 percent or more in a couple of years. How do the Razer Blades hold up?
  7. PastelGraywatchsharp937

    PastelGraywatchsharp937 Active Member

    I think the computer has a high chance of getting mad
  8. Mintloadhead332

    Mintloadhead332 New Member

    This is one beastly laptop right here. Those specs are so good!
  9. What resolution? 1080p?
  10. When does the next blade come out. like in a year or in like a couple months?
  11. When does the next blade come out. like in a year or in like a couple months?
  12. byteFlirtinteractive386

    byteFlirtinteractive386 Active Member

    uh no, sparks and electronics is never normal.
  13. I'm actually really interested in the Razer Core + MSI's GS40....the GS40 is a 14" 1080p laptop...3.5 lbs compared to the RBS' 2.75 lbs, 0.89" thick compared to the RBS' 0.51" thick, but it has the 6700HQ, 16GB of RAM, it can fit a 2.5" drive and a M.2 SSD, and it has a 970m...for $1500....People who have it confirmed that it has a TB3/TC connector...if it can be connected to the Core, that's a really big competitor to the Razer Blade 14, IMO. Razer still has a design and quality advantage over MSI but ~$500 extra for the Blade 14 is a lot of money...
  14. Of the games on your list. The only one I play would be Hearthstone. I normally play it on the low settings and don't have a problem. If it was important, I have the UHD version, so the only annoying thing right now is the lack of scaling on the login app -- which is just absolutely tiny, but once past the first login everything looks normal. I will say that the system starts to run a bit warm after 3-4 games.
  15. reloader-1

    reloader-1 Well-Known Member

    I'm going to say this again here - just because a laptop has the USB-C/TB3 connector doesn't mean the Razer Core will be supported.

    The Razer Core itself is open, but that still means that manufacturers still need to add support for it in the BIOS. I really, REALLY don't see MSI adding support for a 3rd party product that effectively kills their own proprietary docking solution.

    tl;dr Razer Core will probably only work on Razer systems and a smattering of other small manufacturers.
  16. 1) I did say 'if'

    2) We don't know how much work will be needed to get the Core to work on other TB3/TC laptops. It's all up in the air for now.
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  17. DOes anyone have an idea of when the core comes out either
  18. At the moment nobody knows anything because Razer is keeping us all in the dark, still waiting in the UK for a release date. Kind of annoying to be honest but they have there reasons I guess
  19. reloader-1

    reloader-1 Well-Known Member

    Razer has already addressed #2, they have stated that in order to use the Core manufacturers will have to add support in the BIOS settings.
  20. weewone

    weewone New Member

    omg when is this coming out!
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