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Discussion in 'Systems' started by Deleted member 368765, Oct 17, 2017.

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  1. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    If they release mini version that has similar size with Aorus box or SNPR for a mini GPU , it’s instant buy for me since portability and space are my priority on buying PC.
    Yes with Blade you can get it with only €449;) I think or €499, forgot and don’t know with V2 if there’s any discount with Blade. You can’t count it with currency Razers items, can you imagine with £, i think they pay more if you convert it in $. One thing that I cannot arguing that is they give us here 2 years warranty on system, so no complaints.
    Unfortunately I don’t do tower;) Enough at work place, prefer simple and easy moving PC setting.
  2. BlueJokerG

    BlueJokerG New Member

    The Razer Core needs to have a graphical card compatible with the one i have in my laptop?
  3. Law-Razer

    Law-Razer New Member

    I have a Razer Blade 2016 but want to use my FreeSync monitor with an AMD GPU. Given that the Blade already has GeForce, how does the switch to the AMD work using the Core?

    Would it be clunky?
  4. _Alecvill_

    _Alecvill_ New Member

    Does anyone have an idea about when we can expect a sale on the Core V2s in the U.S.? I've been watching the price since they came out and it hasn't dropped $1 on any day. The best I can find is the Sealth+Core combo. I'm willing to wait, but just curious what people might remember from the V1 or what Razer's usual sale practices are like.
  5. zorn_

    zorn_ Active Member

    Can you post a photo of where you unplugged them? This thing is insane, it sounds like a mini leafblower is on my desk. The Core v1 didn't sound like this, but that product had defective USB ports Razer never cared about. This is likely my last major Razer product. No one at that company seems able or willing to test any product before shipping it.

    There is **NO EXCUSE ON PLANET EARTH** for why the Core v1 should have shipped out with broken USB ports. None. Zero. Zip. And they never even addressed it in any way - just later on release a new one, pay us another $500 or screw you with your broken trash. Argh so beyond frustrating. Likewise, apparently here no one at the company ever plugged in the Core v2, or else they would wonder why the fans are going 150% at all times. Nah, f*ck it, slap a price tag on this thing and sell it!
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  6. @Pentalobe I would appreciate some photos too.

    I am currently using the Razer Core V2 at work, but I suspect that my colleagues start to think that I am gaming or mining the entire time. It just makes that much noise, even though the GPU fans themselves are idle.
  7. PitSkinner

    PitSkinner New Member

    Wondering what version of the MSI 1080 you have as i heard the Gaming X one will not fit the Core V2 which i have so i am cautious but if it fits the V1 then maybe i am in luck?

    My phone is neither finding nor automatically connecting to known Wi-Fi networks. For example: I leave the house to do something and when I return the phone does not connect to the wifi unless I reboot it. It is also happening with the office network. The phone also rebooted twice when I entered the wifi coverage area.
    All this has just begun to happen without having changed any settings on the phone.
    It was working perfectly well.

    Anyone have this problem?

    Already submitted a ticket to Razer Support. Waiting their answer...i'll post an update...

    Best Regards.

    The problem evolved!
    Now if I turn WiFi on the phone turns off.
    Support didn't answer yet.
    I'll try hard reset in meanwhile...
    Very disappointed
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  8. surfer1081

    surfer1081 Well-Known Member

    You actually missed it. A couple weeks ago it was on sale for $50 off.
  9. Pentalobe

    Pentalobe Active Member

    I posted photos already in *in this very thread*. They are still there on page 10.
  10. evilchargerfan

    evilchargerfan Well-Known Member

    anyone know if the core v2 comes with a longer usb c cord?
  11. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I think it still the same length, 0,5 m, according this reviews picture even Razer seems has longer 2 m USB C TB3 cable for it that’s separately being sold on the store.
  12. Pentalobe

    Pentalobe Active Member

    It's 0.5m. You can buy longer ones up to 2M so long as they are 40gbps, try
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  13. happy94

    happy94 New Member

    everything chroma!!
  14. revoluxon

    revoluxon New Member

    So far so good with the Core V2 except the fans... oh god they are LOUD!.

    What i really like about my setup is that the CPU on my Blade 14 runs extremely cool (low 40s C) while gaming with the core and the lid closed, i wasnt expecting temps to be this low so im really happy.

    Razer Blade 14 (early 2016).
    Razer Core V2 with a GTX 1080 inside.
    CPU undervolt -0.195V stable.
    Turbo boost OFF.
  15. PitSkinner

    PitSkinner New Member

    Are you saying that the MSI GTX 1080 GAMING X fits the core V1? I have the V2 and was told it won't fit and am anxious about opening it.

    Wondering what 1080 you have in the core V2
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  16. revoluxon

    revoluxon New Member

    Gigabyte G1 Gaming, it has 3 fans and most likely larger than a MSI Gaming X.
  17. Asten__

    Asten__ Active Member

    Greetings everyone!

    I have finally made the move, got a RBS at the beginning of this december and now am also the proud owner of a razer core v2. I run it with a gtx1080 and have very decent performance when gaming. The fans are of course quite loud - lets see what my wife will say about that in a few months ;) I really would like to see a driver update here where i can regulate the fan speed (if possible).
    Have you guys experienced any issues with the usb ports? While the lan port works, i have some issues with USB connecting different devices:

    Deathstalker Chroma: works
    Razer Star Wars Old Republic Keyboard: works
    Deathadder Black Edition: does not work ("stutters")
    Seagate Portable Backup Plus: does not work (device does not come on / not recognized at all)
    Kraken Chroma (V1): does not work (device does not come on / not recognized at all)
    Razer Turret: works

    Anybody else experienced any strange USB issues? Has anyone managed to pinpoint what is the issue or fixed them?

    Thank you!
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  18. I had severe issues with my Razer Core V1's USB connections, but zero issues since the V2. Though be honest, I am only using my keyboard and mouse (both Razer products) in the Core's USB ports.
  19. PitSkinner

    PitSkinner New Member

    How quiet is the card?
  20. revoluxon

    revoluxon New Member

    It is quiet but i cant really tell since the fans on the Core V2 are so much louder xD
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