The Razer Stargazer vs Logitech C930E?

Discussion in 'Broadcaster' started by AUTRIII, Aug 30, 2016.

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    AUTRIII Member

    Using a webcam is my everyday thing in my life already. So I am getting really interested in this new webcam called "Razer Stargazer".

    Month ago I just bought a TOP1 streaming Web-camera "Logitech C930e". So why should I buy Razer Sargazer to replace my Logitech C930e?

    On the first look at the Razer Stargazer. It seems much more attractive than C930e. But how are the specifications?
  2. AwkwardBlue

    AwkwardBlue Member

    I would definitely buy the logitech webcam. Even though the razer stargazer seems pretty good it has had a lot of issues like not working and stuttering a lot. And logitech has an amazing reputation. And finally, I own a Logitech C930 webcam and it's amazing, it works perfectly. No stutter or anything
  3. FallenWolf69

    FallenWolf69 Member

    I gotta say, I love my Logitech C920 and I would love to jump on everything Razer but the Quality over name is a big one here. The Stargazer has a bit to offer over the Logitech, But Logitech has years of experience and research towards their product where this is Razer's first webcam, So it's almost expected to see some issues with it. If you just want it to buy a Razer Webcam, I'd say go for it, It looks pretty cool!
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