Vespula vs Invicta

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by kajira, Oct 28, 2014.


Which do you prefer (explain why below)

  1. Vespula

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  2. Invicta

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  1. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I am planning on purchasing a new mouse pad for my main PC along with the BlackWidow Chroma Stealth that I'm ordering. I just can't decide which to pick up. I currently have the Megasoma (the older original white one) and I like it well enough, but I think I'd rather go for something that's more firm.

    My daughter's boyfriend, who lives with us, is using the Vespula and I like the addition of the wrist rest on it, though I worry that it might be a little too tall for my liking due to the height of my desk. I figured I'd poke around in the Razer store and found the Invicta and it looked like it could also serve my needs quite well, but I've never seen one in person so I'm not sure how it compares to the Vespula.

    I'd love any experience, comments, reviews, etc for them both. Also, if you have something you prefer more, please share and explain why.

    Thanks for helping me make my choice!!
  2. lochu91

    lochu91 Active Member

    Why not go for something elastic like Goliathus? I`ll be honest i never tried hard mouse mats but that`s because don`t think i would enjoy using them. I hate thinking about mouse moving on a hard surface.

    Goliathus is not only great mat but comes with variety of sizes for you to chose. This is the mat i see is used by most LoL championship players so i decided i`ll buy one. I did and it`s just amazing.

    I like that goliathus thanks to being elastic can`t be scratched and if something gets on its surface while focused gaming it won`t be that anoying as it would on hard mat. But Goliathus is not only a mat. It`s a gaming surface. You can put anything on it, for example your keypad or keyboard if you own extended edition and it won`t move by itself.

  3. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    Interesting - The only reason I hadn't really considered the Goliathus at this point was because I already have softer mat, and while I like it well enough I usually enjoyed my firmer surfaces more. However, the harder mats tended to get an almost "gummy" substance if I didn't keep them clean enough. Does the Goliathus have both speed and control surfaces available if you flip it?
  4. lochu91

    lochu91 Active Member

    No it`s rubber underside so it wouldn`t slide on your desk. But you can chose between Control or Speed edition while buying. Control is recomended to MMO players while Speed is recomended to FPS players though as Control edition user i recomend using Speed for most games.
    I used two or three mats before but none of them were even close to goliathus.
  5. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I see ... interesting photo to add as well.

    I wonder if anyone can shed any light on the differences between Goliathus and my current Megasoma ...
  6. Dunyas

    Dunyas Active Member

    For gaming, I always prefered a hard surface and basically used a Func 1030 up until I wore the surface down and switched to a Vespula. If you check the manufacturer's specs from most gaming mice, they tend to say they perform optimally on hard mats. Plus you normally get both control and speed surfaces on the same mat if you like to switch around.

    The problem with most hard mats over soft is portability and comfort. The Vespula tried to over come with with the wrist rest. I personally like it, but it's not for everyone. You can use it without the wrist rest, but then the pad becomes really uncomfortable. I was also looking at the Invicta and liked it because it seemed similar to the func I was looking to replace. But ultimately the price and the stand out feature (the aluminum base) turned me off.

    The reason hard mats tend to be less comfortable is the hard lip they tend to have. Resting your arm on that edge can get to be annoying. The idea of a metal edge really didn't appeal to me. So I picked up a Vespula. The only thing I dislike about the Vespula is the rubber base. I'm not a fan of that material because of how easy it can degrade. That is one of the reason I stay away from soft mats. Also, it's not a very nice edge if you choose not to use that base.

    As for the difference between the Megasoma and the Goliathus; The Goliathus is just an amazing well done soft mat. It's rubber bonded with fabric. The real difference in that and your normal $5 mouse pad is the quality. They use a better rubber and fabric and take the time to stitch the fabric to the rubber to help prevent the pad from falling apart. The Megasoma line is an attempt to mix the pros of moth hard and soft mats. You get a surface similar to a hard mat, but can roll it up and take it along and it doesn't have that harsh lip.
  7. TylerMayes

    TylerMayes Member

    If you prefer a hard mat the in Invicta is really nice. I mostly use the Goliathus but have rocked the Invicta from time to time here in the office. It has a nice weight and a good size.
  8. I recently upgraded from the Goliathus control to the Vespula. I decided I wanted the hard mat and more importantly: the wrist rest. The gel pad has quite a nice feel I find, and it holds my wrist at a pretty good angle for my Mamba 2012, which means I can use my mouse for way more hours in a row without discomfort as compared to when I had the Golaithus. I will agree with Dunyas in that if you're not using the wrist rest the edge on the Vespula is pretty unforgiving.
  9. Razer|Captain_xf_rzr

    Razer|Captain_xf_rzr Active Member Staff Member

    Casting my vote for the Invicta. I have one at home and at work. I also have an issue with the wrist rest on the Vespula. I also didn't like the size/shape of it. Other than that, they have identical surfaces.

    On a side note. I have access to every Razer mouse mat in the office, and I settled with the Invicta, so it's gotta be good, right?
  10. -Oris-

    -Oris- Member

    I can't really give insight onto this topic but I was happy to see it! Have been looking into both of these mouse pads for a while and was leaning towards the Invicta and this solidified that choice!
  11. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    Excellent insight, thank you!!

    I have a wrist rest I use already on my Megasoma because it sits on the very edge of my keyboard drawer and the wooden edge was uncomfortable. Prior to that I'd always used a hard mat, but I really wanted something Razer and it seemed like a good option.

    I initially considered the Vespula because I thought then I could combine the wrist rest and mouse pad into one, and dump the one I have now, but I'm a little "iffy" on whether or not it'll be the right size/comfort for me. (I should just steal @Abidon 's mouse pad a while and see how I like it. hehehe)

    While going through the Razer Store last night I read through everything again and was drawn to the Invicta repeatedly thinking "Hmm, if I really needed a wrist rest, well, I have one that already works... maybe this is a better option"

    So, all the input has been invaluable, thanks so much!!
  12. Alaeriia

    Alaeriia Member

    Vespula because wrist rest.
  13. Acidburst

    Acidburst New Member

    I have the vespula... IT EATS AWAY MY MOUSEFEET! That's a real problem, as i live on chile i have no posibility of buying replacement pieces.... My Imperator 2012 suffered this, and my new naga 2014 is also getting hurt... Speed side is less dangerous for mouse, but way more unformcortable, is like my mouse is skating... Think about other options! Not only razer on this one.
  14. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    @Acidburst That's interesting, I hadn't really heard of that being a big issue before. I'd like to hope it's more of a rare thing (I haven't had issues with my Megasoma) but at least if it became a future issue for me, sadly it does nothing for you, I live in the US and can order the replacement feet off the Razer online store.
  15. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    For those of you who recommended Goliathus do you prefer control or speed mats and why?
    (I assume that, similar to Megasoma, they both feel different than what's on Invicta or Vespula - which I can see/feel for myself so I guess I'm just trying to compare and see where they fall compared to the hard mat surfaces)

    I took a look at the sizes of the Goliathus tonight and I really liked the idea of putting the keyboard (part of my order that I'm working on is the Blackwidow Chroma Stealth) on the extended version as was shown in the photo above, but when I measured I don't think my keyboard drawer is long enough to do that. I was kinda bummed.

    Lastly, for those who have used the Invicta I'm curious about the aluminum tray that goes underneath and how high it's raised off the desk? Just wondering if my current wrist rest would still work and how it would sit most comfortably. (covering the edge, or just beside it)

    Yeah, can you tell that I'm still totally undecided! Once I figure this out then I'm all ready to put in my order for keyboard + new mouse pad, but I know I'm picky. LOL
  16. Crotale

    Crotale Member

    I recently picked up a Vespula (like two days ago). I would recommend it, but I've never used an Invicta so I can't really compare.
  17. ElstenWeiss

    ElstenWeiss Active Member

    I've got a Vespula and a Kabuto (for soft mat). The Vesupla's wrist rest is nice for me, and it's quite soft so it gives decent support while not forcing your wrist into a weird position, or being too hard and digging into the wrist. The wrist rest is also the rubber non-slip base; the Vespula's surface just lies on top, so it's like having an Invicta with a wrist-rest base :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    My only beef with the hard surfaces is that they scratch up quite easily with my mouse. I'm currently using a Logitech mouse which has hard "feet", and if you get a little bit of dirt between the mouse and the Vespula's surface, it scratches up like you took a piece of steel wool to it. I don't have a Razer mouse yet (will be my next purchase when this Logitech dies), so I don't know if that's a problem you may find with Razer mice.

    The Kabuto I bought for my Razer Blade, because it was supposed to be a thin soft mat which could double as a screen protector when you closed your laptop. Sadly, with the exact fitting of the Blade, you can't actually close the Blade with the Kabuto inside it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I actually prefer the soft stuff, but it very quickly rolls up on the wrist-contact side, and I've been unable to get it to stay flat after using it for about a year. It's also a dust magnet, and takes more effort to clean than I'd imagine. Having said that, I prefer the feel of the Kabuto more than the Vespula; in fact, I normally lay the Kabuto on top of the Vespula surface and use it that way.

    Hope that helps, @kajira!
  18. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    So, I'm still kind of waffling (really bad, I know) but for those of you who have used the Invicta, I noticed it's a little thicker due to the aluminum base. Comparatively, how thick would you say it was, and do you think it needs something on the edge to be comfortable on a desk?

    Hearing that both the Vespula and Invicta have identical surfaces really makes it come down to one inch narrower plus the wrist rest or the slightly larger with the aluminum tray and using the wrist rest I already have. (or none if I could)

    For those that said they love the Goliathus, I wish I had a desk where the extended one would fit, because I'd *seriously* consider going that route! (then my internal conflict would be speed vs control. maybe I'll do a separate poll just to see what people prefer)
  19. TheFrench97

    TheFrench97 New Member

    i use Invicti, with mouse Taipan, in a mouse they are a difference,
    but the mouse pad , almost nothing , the beauty is there, but ' almost afraid I overdid it with € 60 of mat sincerely
  20. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    Thank you to everyone who helped me figure this out and all the input!!
    I finally decided to go with the Vespula since the surfaces are identical to Invicta. I figure I can make use of the wrist rest, and if at any time it isn't comfortable then I can always pull it out and use the one I already have and still have the same benefits as the Invicta surfaces.

    If I ever manage to get a whole new desk, then I'll most certainly try to pick up a Goliathus and use the Vespula for when I travel with my devices.

    However, I also put in my order for the Blackwidow Chroma Stealth, and I'm really excited to get both items.... now to save up for Leviathan and the Kraken Chroma... I need (okay, yeah, it's really just a want) too many items!! lol :D :cool:
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