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What is your favorite gaming mouse?

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by Igraham1, May 5, 2016.

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  1. Dazeo

    Dazeo Member

    Deathadder Chroma? I prefer the Naga 2014, I've played with this for a while, beautiful for MMORPG's and FPS, the optical laser (I think all razer mice have this', The 'snazzy' appearance, pulsating logo and the 19 total buttons, What else is needed in an MMO? All your fire blasts and frostbolts at your fingertips. Better yet in FPS like CSGO, I can hotkey my gun, pistol, knife, flashbangs and bomb to the first 5 macro keys on the left, swift switches and smooth, no need to press bloody 3 or F3 or whatever on my keyboard.
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  2. Kazuma94

    Kazuma94 Member

    The Razer Mamba
  3. Watermerloon

    Watermerloon Member

    i'm loving the Death Adder
  4. SneakSoldier

    SneakSoldier New Member

    I swore by the deathadder for quite some time. That is, until I tried out a Zowie EC1-A. Now I have a really hard time using the deathadder chroma because of the distracting (IMO) rubber side grips. For reference, I play mainly FPS as well.
  5. EODeuce

    EODeuce Active Member

    I've been happy with the Mamba TE. I had the original Mamba for a while and it worked great but it was time for an upgrade. I tried the previous generation Mamba and had a lot of problems with it (would randomly stop working after a few weeks). After sending the old one back a few time I was able to get a refund just after the current generation Mamba came out. I liked having the wireless but batteries do die after a while so I went with the TE this time. I haven't had any problems with it at all.
  6. Attrom

    Attrom New Member

    Mamba TE

    Good grip
    Good looking
    Good sensor
    Good software
    Good build quality
  7. Silas18301

    Silas18301 Active Member

    For the part yer I've been using the Orochi, but that was mostly because I was travelling quite a lot and had a mobile-gaming setup. I'm gonna pre-order the Deathadder Elite and hope that becomes my favourite one on the market :heart:
  8. OneWithSeb

    OneWithSeb New Member

    I know this mouse is not really used for gaming but I would suggest from personal experience the Logitech MX Master Mouse. It can get up to 1,600 DPI which to me really is all I would ever really need while playing a game. To be honest I could use a mouse with only 500 DPI or less and my gaming experience would not change that much. Also this mouse is really comfy on your hand and just looks professional I guess...
  9. squeeze88

    squeeze88 Active Member

    Still waiting for the refreshed version of my fav Ouroborous...
  10. Corn Holio_no_id

    Corn Holio_no_id New Member

    I'm waiting for Abyssus V3 with pixart 3360 sensor.
    Abyssus V2's shape & weight is perfect, but the sensor is mediocre.
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