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What kind of smartphone do you own??

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by WhackyPanos, Jan 14, 2015.

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  1. madram

    madram New Member

    going to buy a lg g2 soon :)
  2. OnePlus One :D
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  3. Veje_

    Veje_ Member

    Iphone 5. waiting for some revolutionary phone. all smartphones are hyped and bs atm.. not innovative as theyre supposed to be
  4. Texasgiant815

    Texasgiant815 New Member

    iPhone 6+ 128gb and the OnePlus One. Definitely love them both!
  5. OhHeyItsBecky

    OhHeyItsBecky Active Member

    I've got the Note 3 with android 4.4.4
    Love my phone but don't do much mobile gaming. I'll mess around a bit on Plants vs Zombie 2, five nights at Freddies 2, or solitaire. But not much past that.
  6. IamBastiii

    IamBastiii New Member

    Lumia 930 with Windows 8.1
  7. Commando1968

    Commando1968 New Member

    Galaxy S4. I really only play The Simpsons Tapped Out.
  8. Rishi.R

    Rishi.R New Member

    galaxy S4. Hardly play games on it.
  9. BobbyMike

    BobbyMike Member

    Wow, lots of OnePlus Ones. Didn't know there was so much support for them around.
  10. LexiousV1

    LexiousV1 New Member

    - iPhone 6
    - iOS 8.1.2
    - Games I play are:
    • Terraria
    • GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas
    • COD World at War Zombies
    • COD Black Ops Zombies
    • Five Nights at Freddy's 1 & 2
    • Edge
    • Edge Extended
  11. grapnel

    grapnel New Member

    Samsung Galaxy s2 with extended battery pack and rooted, dont play any games on it but it serves me well playing music 12 hours a day at work monday to friday :)
  12. yoursaviorrazer

    yoursaviorrazer New Member

    iPhone 6
    Usually play a mix of
    Modern Combat 5
    Clash of Clans
    Goat Simulator
  13. LasersPewPew

    LasersPewPew New Member

    64GB OnePlus One. Waiting for Lollipop to come out. And Blackberry Q10 running latest 10.3.1 leak.

    I actually prefer the OPO over my S5 as my daily Android drive. :)
  14. RUBYheadQuartz766

    RUBYheadQuartz766 New Member

    HTC One. I don't play games on it since controls on 99% of phone videogames are horrible.
  15. mohitKHTRPL

    mohitKHTRPL New Member

    I have a HTC One M8 that I got on release. Im waiting for Android 4.4.4 but most likely when the update comes out, I will have the iPhone 6 (T-Mobile Jump)
  16. Another one plus one over here too !! My gf has one too..
  17. bweav19

    bweav19 New Member

    Iphone 6 only games I play on my phone are sudoku, Lyne and occasionally angry birds.
  18. PaleAppleStrudel

    PaleAppleStrudel New Member

    Nexus 4 - Android, obviously.
    Recently got a game called Lyne, bit like connecting dots.
    another one is called Thomas was alone. Very fascinating game.
  19. Merehumes

    Merehumes New Member

    iPhone 6 and I play Brave Frontier
  20. Dasadorah

    Dasadorah Member

    I have the iPhone 6 but not the plus. Before that I owned the iPhone 5. I use to own Android devices but the store apps a lot of them are not compatible and are the last ones to receive the update for apps. Most mobile games focus on iOS than Android. Believe me I know because I work in the game industry for mobile apps. My husband has the Moto X the new one and I absolutely love it. I say the new Moto X is one of the best Android devices out there today.
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