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What PC Games Would You Like to See on Android?

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by Remotr, Aug 25, 2016.


PC games on mobiles - how would you like them served?

  1. Watered down - downgrade of full game with content cut.

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  2. Side dish - companion app/game.

  3. Main dish - full game, same visuals - streamed from PC to mobile.

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  1. Remotr

    Remotr New Member

    Upcoming Android Nougat will support Vulkan API - so we can expect some progress with mobile gaming.

    Let's be honest - there are some good mobile games, but vast majority suck.

    We can see that AAA publishers are more interested in mobile market these days - Deus Ex GO is one of most recent example.

    And here is a question - do we need more puzzle games - or maybe more remakes of PC classics?
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