What's the point of having Razer Store in Thailand, when there is not latest product for sale...?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Khaninz, Feb 6, 2017.

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  1. Khaninz

    Khaninz New Member

    I'm a Thailand resident and when I know the store opening I'm happy about it. Expecting that when I really want to get latest product from them it will be available. Well... it's not as I expected...

    To be specific I want to get a razer blade 14 with gtx1060. I have check it since it launch to the market when it will be available in Thailand. Until now about 3 months, nothing. Every time I ask staff about availablity, again, nothing. The answer I get is not helping, usually 'no information from the headquarter' . What about the price? 'No information from headquarter'... And suggested me to carry one from overseas. Which taking risk of warranty and cost of my own flight ticket, and If I order online from overseas there will be risk of shipping damage and defect if I have to return.

    Just make it available and inform your staff about its availability, if it will not be available just said it not(but that will not make sense). And your staff gotta be more than just regular internet cafe keepers... I heard internal communication is poor which effect something like order management via direct razerstore.com. I hope it's wrong. If that's true it's time to change and it happens everywhere of customer experience.

    Just for now please tell me when it will be availble in Thailand. And for later make your razer store more than a free internet cafe. (Dont make it free or unlimit, really, it's Thailand. LOL). I feel waste of times when i try to check the store out for the new razer blade availability.

    Thank you

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