When can I expect to get my bonus for the E3 promotion?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pr0ffy, Jun 29, 2017.

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  1. iboidoivi

    iboidoivi New Member

    Hey everyone so I ordered the Razer Blade on the 26th during the E3 promotion where you get FL studio 12, $100 steam card, Rocket League, etc. I have not recieved an email or anything yet however. I wanted to ask when some of the others have recieved theirs.

    I also got some peripherals aswell that I registered (along with the Blade) but the achievements havnt unlocked yet either. Would anyone happen to know how long it will be before those unlock?

    As an added note I have indeed recieved my Blade in the mail along with everything else. Im not looking to put in a ticket either Im just asking the community how long it too for them to recieve their bonuses.
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  2. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    Do you have the peripherals registered in Synapse specifically? (sorry if that is a dumb question, but registering in synapse wasn't always an option, so just checking) Sometimes Insider achievements take a little time to update and require some log in fiddling to work.

    As for FL Studio and Rocket League, to my knowledge you should already have those. Usually that stuff goes out once the product ships. To clarify, it did show them in your cart when you bought the blade right? Might be an issue of promo code shenanigans, so unfortunately, you will need to send a ticket to store support. http://www.razersupport.com/contact-us/

    Lucky for you they just rolled out a live chat feature that should speed up the process a bit: http://www.razersupport.com/live-chat
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