When Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 will be available on Razer Synapse 3???

Discussion in 'Systems' started by IIIRataxIII, Apr 5, 2018.


Can someone say me when it will be available?

  1. I don't know

  2. Me neither

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  3. No one knows

  4. I know (but i'm lying)

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  5. I know and I will reply to help you yey!!

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  1. IIIRataxIII

    IIIRataxIII New Member

    aaaghh I'm so tired of using Razer Synapse 2 :/ The design of it is so rustic and old and the only reason I use it is because my headphones -_- the Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 aren't available on Razer Synapse 3 :'(
    That's so boring...
  2. Jumaneitor

    Jumaneitor New Member

    Hi all! Same question here, i just bought that headset a few hours ago, and i just can't sync lighting with my current 3 Chroma devices.
    These are
    (1) BlackWidow V Two
    (2) Naga trinity
    (3) Kraken V Two
    So, what i'm seeing is just like a Jackson Pollock painting, a gorgeous mess (It is, literally).
    I'm forced choose between 3 rgb syncing setups.
    A) 1+2 through Synapse 3
    B) 2+3 through Synapse Legacy
    And the most annoying one C) Not installing any version of Razer's Software and let it sync by firmware
    It's extremely faulty syncing, Trinity must have another lighting sync algorithm (or another IC) thats optimized for synapse 3. I really trust Razer to fix that sync problem when all devices are added to S 3 but is f*in up the plug and play syncing while i wait that to be a thing, i have a mild OCD for a few things, rgb just happened to be the case. Keeping in mind the massive loss of features that it means running them with bare hardware, (devices (1) and (3) dont have hardware profile selecting) i wouldn't mind to runnit that way for a while as long as my flashy leds are synced up.
    I am, and have been an IT guy for half of mi life, so i tried everything in my power for 3 hours straight to make it work. Sometimes is not enough, and you just need a developer.
    So please Razer devs: i exposed my situation, is there a temporal fix for anyone with my issue until all devices are supported by S 3? i tried even plugging (1), (2) & (3) in diffrent orders, i'm going nuts! Thank you all, and if someone have the same question i have please add a reply, i dont have any fix but maybe if we are enough this can transcend. Greetings from Argentina!
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  3. Jayorito

    Jayorito Well-Known Member

    Could you just realise this program is still in beta and you have to wait, they already said they will be adding more products stop pressuring them, be patient. No more of these post please, if you want more infomation about synapse 3.0 then check the update logs when a new update is out.
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  4. IIIRataxIII

    IIIRataxIII New Member

    You're right but why the speed test? xD
  5. IIIRataxIII

    IIIRataxIII New Member

    Well I can not say anything about that because I do not have a Trinity Naga but as TexasGamer1337 said previously we just have to wait because Synapse 3 is still in beta :/
  6. Jumaneitor

    Jumaneitor New Member

    Sorry man, i didn't know all this fuzz previously! Im rather new to the razer scene, bought my first razer product 5 months ago, and getting really addict to them. I desperately sung up here looking for help from anyone. BTW, i wasnt pressuring about synapse 3. I was asking for any solution for syncing the leds. Even linking the 2 softwares somewhat, dont need to have right now the flashy Synapse 3 recocgizing al my devices, i know they will make it official eventually. I want any temporary solution for the issue explained before, i just told the razer community, some random guy/girl that knows the sdk really well, may have already figured out and can provide the solution cause its really driving me crazy haha
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