Which programming languages did you learn?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Vaypron, Sep 4, 2016.


Which programming languages do you know?

  1. C++/C

    41 vote(s)
  2. Java

    34 vote(s)

    42 vote(s)
  4. C#

    20 vote(s)
  5. Python

    23 vote(s)
  6. Lua

    7 vote(s)
  7. JavaScript

    21 vote(s)
  8. Ruby

    4 vote(s)
  9. PHP

    15 vote(s)
  10. Swift

    4 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. KakashiSharingan

    KakashiSharingan Active Member

    Well I know how to use HTML/CSS but I don't include that as programming since it's just changing the way web pages look it doesn't really have any coding involved.
  2. RoastierThanToastier

    RoastierThanToastier Active Member

    I know a bit of HTML and I am trying to learn Swift at the moment.
  3. xeronick

    xeronick Member

    Most languages are very similar so you learn one really well and end up noticing that some other are basically the same
  4. Fungi1880

    Fungi1880 Member

    I first learnt python then moved onto HTML, after that I haven't done any more coding
  5. ThirdDegreePun

    ThirdDegreePun Well-Known Member

    I've scratched the surface of HTML and C#. Lost a fair bit of it though...I was taught HTML through Uni and School a bit and I tried to teach myself C# during my Final Year of Uni so I could be at least somewhat competent to do simple tasks on making our Project (game in unity) and let our programmers focus on harder stuff.

    I was a developer who ultimately was made the lead, but we only had 2 programmers so I didn't want them wasting time doing stuff like implementing audio, particle systems and other stuff. By the end I basically was the person implementing all the new assets whilst the programmers were working hard on making a Kraken Boss and getting all the behaviours working properly. It was pretty satisfying being able to make Particle Effects or new SFX myself and then to get it in and working and push it for everyone else to see without needing any assistance :)
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  6. jthoma17

    jthoma17 Active Member

    i'm learning C++ for some financial models now...been stuck with the baby VBA and SQL for the last few years haha
  7. Blinq

    Blinq New Member

    On the track to learning C++, anyone got any tips as to where i should look foor good guides etc?
  8. Vaypron

    Vaypron Well-Known Member

    You may wanna try to use the apps from Sololearn. They have multiple apps to learn different programming languages interactively. They support Android/iOS/Webbrowser, etc.
    F.e. C++,C#, JS, Python, Html/Css and so on. They are free to use :)
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  9. Tzolkat

    Tzolkat New Member

    C++, C#, Java, VB, SQL, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, etc...

    My favorites currently are Java and C#, with a slight leaning towards C# because the code feels a little cleaner.
  10. Blinq

    Blinq New Member

    Haha thanks, awesome that you mention that. I'm actually halfway through the SoloLearn bit ^^
    What I meant though, was what to do after I finish SoloLearn :eek:

    Dude that sounds awesome, any way we could enjoy some of that hard work of yours ^^?
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  11. Vaypron

    Vaypron Well-Known Member

    Do the challenges they offer :) As many times as possible. They make fun, because of the competetive aspect(playing against other "students") and you internalize the learned.

    After that just program. Get yourself an idea and start on realizing it. Within this process you will learn new things and get used to the programming language :)
    That's how I started :)
  12. ThirdDegreePun

    ThirdDegreePun Well-Known Member

    Well there's currently two games I've worked on on Steam Greenlight, ones called Resynth and another is called Dimension Jump, the latter I only did the music for, the former I did all the sound stuff :)

    Also if you happen to be coming to PAX AU you might find me if you locate a game called Putty Pals which will be in the Indie Arcade, I did the music and sound for that one!

    In terms of my PAX game from last year it kinda fizzled out because our programmers all got full time work and our modellers were pretty hard to deal with...I could get back into contact with them and maybe we could upload it somewhere but that might be a bit of a wait haha

    If you just wanna hear some of my music you can go to soundcloud.com/sound-conclusion though :)
  13. Blinq

    Blinq New Member

    Thanks Vaypron ^^
    I'll come knocking when I'm done with sololearn :grin:

    sweet dude, sounds like you've been busy! any eta on resynth? It looks awesome:scream_cat:

    Sadly that's a no for pax :/ quite litteraly the other side of the world for me:sweat_smile:
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  14. ThirdDegreePun

    ThirdDegreePun Well-Known Member

    That's kinda on how many upvotes it gets! It's at PAX too and they're still working on it in particular a level building feature, but I haven't heard from them in a few weeks as they've been super busy...never found out if my level completion sounds were what they wanted :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
    I feel ya hahaha, we're pretty far away from...uh...everywhere. It's a miracle we even get stuff here haha[/QUOTE]
  15. Vaypron

    Vaypron Well-Known Member

    you're welcome! If you have any questions or problems with C++, just message me :) I'm always happy to help!

    @ThirdDegreePun just went through your soundcloud. Awesome work, I really like it :)
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  16. ThirdDegreePun

    ThirdDegreePun Well-Known Member

    aww thanks that means a lot :) I have a bunch of tracks queued up for one of the games I've worked on ready to release but I want to match that up with an appropriate time for the group :) Can give you a secret link to listen to one if you want maybe ;) DM me if you're interested!
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  17. rode_leeuw

    rode_leeuw Active Member

    To learn programming on myself, or to wait a half year but learn the basics good and have good a fundamental knowledge of programming.? (Going to study IT next year)
  18. KeiaraAya

    KeiaraAya Member

    Learned C# first since the software devs at my work said it's the easiest language to learn when you're starting out. Also know javascript and lua but C# is my favourite out of those. Would really like to learn C++ if I just had the time.
  19. SiNN94

    SiNN94 Active Member

    Now I am learning C# in my university, and have to learn Java for my final year project.
    Learning 2 in one time makes me cannot handle them but luckily got my friends who are good in C# and Java help me a lot.
  20. MrBigStuff

    MrBigStuff Member

    I'm learning C at school now,really enjoying it,how is there 71.4% on HTML and 67.3% if this is in percentage?
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