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Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Tom_Burford, Jan 21, 2015.

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  1. Tom_Burford

    Tom_Burford New Member

    i am looking to upgrade the keyboard in my gaming setup, i game on a projector from a sofa so wireless is important and as i am on a projector the lights are off so backlit is also a big consideration.

    i have been looking at the logitech k800. what do others think? any recommendations, others must have similar requirements to me?
  2. epop726

    epop726 New Member

    You will not get a "Gaming" keyboard which is wireless. Although wireless technology is getting better, gamers have a zero tolerance with lag/delay, something that a wired keyboard is basically free of. If the Logitech keyboard does what you need it to do, go nuts, but that's why Razer dosnt have them and they are so hard to find
  3. Quailstick

    Quailstick Well-Known Member

    I really wonder how the Turrent is going to be. But yes you need to go for whatever fits your needs regardless of the brand.
  4. NazgulStig

    NazgulStig Well-Known Member

    For casual and relaxed gaming there is no harm in getting a wireless keyboard but if you want to go serious gaming even in near future I will suggest you get a proper wired keyboard, for nearly the same price you can get a Razer BW Ultimate Stealth which doesn't suffer from any lag issues as it is not a wireless keyboard.
  5. Licoricerushside697

    Licoricerushside697 New Member

    Wired is the way to go IMO. I love my razer blackwidow
  6. Tom_Burford

    Tom_Burford New Member

    Does anyone have an figures on the sort latency we are talking about on a wireless transmitter for a keyboard? I mean don't get me wrong I understand the translating the input from you keyboard needs to be quick but that response wont be displayed on a screen for at least two frames of video (unless you have gsync) the frame has to be rendered once and then upto a second frame of delay will be introduced with vsync. If we say we are running at 60hz that's 16ms per frame.

    Edit. spelling mistakes, touchscreen keyboard
  7. k800 is good for casual gaming as I owned it before. mainly using for turn-based. if FPS or RTS, suggested corded option as u will not want to be out of battery...
  8. Refurinn

    Refurinn Member

    I'd wait for the Razer Turret..
  9. Tom_Burford

    Tom_Burford New Member

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  10. Tom_Burford

    Tom_Burford New Member

    The orochi is a Bluetooth mouse and that plays quite well, I might lookup Bluetooth specs and see if I can find any info on latency
  11. Tom_Burford

    Tom_Burford New Member

    Does the k800 have a battery indicator light?
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