Add Razer Cortex themes(different colors)

Discussion in 'Razer Cortex' started by Zed_4, Jan 5, 2017.

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  1. Zed_4

    Zed_4 New Member

    i thought it would be better if they Add option to be able to change the theme or colors of the Cortex. I'm not really fan of white and green, it's to bright. I rather go with black/gray and green.
  2. TchernikRu

    TchernikRu New Member

    I support you my friend for more colors in the settings(Я тебя поддерживаю мой друг больше цветов в настройках)
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  3. ratman99uk

    ratman99uk New Member

    Im with you on this one. The white is blinding on my 27 inch screen when I open it full screen, I personally prefer dark green (old razer default colour) on black
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  4. xcal12

    xcal12 New Member

    agreed or even an option to theme it our selves. all i know is the white app and this white website hurt my eyes
  5. _3jk_

    _3jk_ New Member

    i need a dark theme and much smaller game icons.. also the software looks bad on smaller monitors
  6. exurl

    exurl New Member

    It'd be nice if the UI matched the dark windows theme is all
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  7. CSBN_The_Third

    CSBN_The_Third New Member

    Yeah I sure don't like this blinding light theme
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