Advise for Raiju Ultimate (Destiny2-PS4 Pro)

Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by redangeldevil, Nov 9, 2018.

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  1. redangeldevil

    redangeldevil New Member

    Hi everyone,
    i'm sorry for my english (i don not know him), i'm using traslator.
    I would like to buy "Razor Raiju Ultimate":I would like a professional controller with low lag and other features to improve
    my gaming experience.
    I play Destiny 2 on ps4 Pro.
    I would like to use the wired mode to have less lag.
    Unfortunately I'm reading on this forum some problems (stick drift, input lag).
    The performance is still better than Duashock ?
    It is not a good question, but given the price I currently buy it ?
    I do not want to spend money on a controller worse than Duashock.
    Thanks and sorry for the post, but before buying it I would like to know if it works well.
  2. redangeldevil

    redangeldevil New Member

    No advice? Purchase the previous model ?
  3. neovoo77

    neovoo77 New Member

    Waiting for this controller has problems. I bought this model 5 days ago and I am disappointed with it
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  4. KingsizeOcb

    KingsizeOcb New Member

    I hope they will fix it soon. If you dont have time to wait till they have fixed it i would not recommending buying it. You could buy the normal Raiju thats a pretty nice gamepad too.
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  5. redangeldevil

    redangeldevil New Member

    Thanks for the reply. possibly buy the previous model.
  6. psidisruptor

    psidisruptor New Member

    Yeah. I have just bought the Razer Rajiu and I must say it is a pretty good controller with zero latency since it is wired.
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