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Discussion in 'Razer Gear' started by Cookiewisard110, Jan 23, 2016.


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  2. Shyzune

    Shyzune Member

    Well you can't expect them to have it set up for every cellphone ^^
  3. Rox598

    Rox598 Keyblade Master

    Why the influx of these messages all of a sudden?

    Yes an Android case would be great but Android is to wild and you can't keep everyone happy

    Like if they brought out a Samsung case I'd be annoyed because I have a Nexus and so on and so forth.
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    I don't know, the Android phone game gets updates and new flagships keep coming out except for Apple; they got more of annual phone releasing like every 1 year or so. So, realistically it's neva gonna happen because updating always and like what @Rox598 said everyone will get mad cuz they be stupid. BUT I bet there's a case maker thing somewhere where you make your own.
  5. KappaSh0t

    KappaSh0t Member

    It will never happen as a Android phone release every 2-5 months so it is difficult to make a case as the designs are different
  6. gobi42

    gobi42 Active Member

    I would think that razer would do more with Android as the bought oyua and all their apps work on Android but not on ios. I mean Samsung only releases one flagship galaxy phone per year, there is only one nexus per year(however people still buy nexus phones years after they released due to being cheaper and still get upgraded to the newest Android version). They are all on the same release cycle as the iPhone. And I doubt that razer makes the case in house. I'm sure is just a standard case from a company like otterbox or berklin (they make the ballistic case) that has been made for razer. But this is just my 2 cents.
  7. Shin094

    Shin094 Member

    Lot of post to have a samsung / android case x)
  8. erato

    erato Active Member

    You should be more precise. For wich phone you want the case? Android is vague
  9. Thannis86

    Thannis86 Active Member

  10. Lix85

    Lix85 Member

    the case should have chroma features =p
  11. kensoon89

    kensoon89 Member

    can i request 1 iphone chorma case~that was cool~
  12. robinsad

    robinsad Active Member

    Samsung release 4 flagships a year. The S7 and S7 edge are due next month and then the plus versions of those phones in probably 6 months. And that's just one manufacturer. It doesn't make financial sense really.
  13. Yap razer pls create for andriodi
  14. gobi42

    gobi42 Active Member

    Wasn't the s6 releases in 2015? yes it was in April of 2015. And the edge isn't considered a flag ship device only the s7 will be. The s7 edge is based upon the s7. Samsung releases their flagship devices in the spring apple motor and HTC release them in the fall. Only one flagship (it's called a flagship device for a reason) per year. I'm not saying they don't make multiple models of phones per year. Just like they only make a case for the iPhone 6 not the iPhone 6 plus. (s7 edge would be compared to the iPhone 6 plus). I never said they should make phones for every Android phone. I was referred to flagship devices only. Same goes for the nexus line of phones only 1 flagship per year. Now they also offer lower end devices because they became popular.
  15. Xenophon

    Xenophon Member

    There can't be an android case, because there are way too many android phones.
  16. That'd be pretty cool.
  17. glStarLight

    glStarLight Member

    I think the demand for each model will be low compared to iphone where there is only 1 model.. I would love to have a razer case for my sony compact phone but I know its never gonna happen :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  18. forevercrl

    forevercrl Active Member

    it is hard to cover all the case because there are too many different size case for other brand
  19. JZheng03

    JZheng03 Member

    I wonder what size Razer is gonna make the case in. It will be good if the case is suitable for all sizes
  20. fo điện thoại thông . i like
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