Anyone else heartbroken over the GTA V re-delay?

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by Cortezzzz, Jan 13, 2015.

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  1. Cortezzzz

    Cortezzzz New Member

    So, yeah.. I was pretty blown. I mean it's good that they're polishing their game to avoid pulling an "Unity" but aren't any of you feeling cheated?

    I mean, I still feel like "YEAH, IN TWO WEEKS I'M GONNA BE PLAYING GTA V ON MY PC!"

    And yet I won't. Neither will -any- of us. Unless you're a Rockstar employee.

    Anyway, thoughts - guys/girls?
  2. Ocktaine

    Ocktaine New Member

    I was so hyped. :slightly_sad:
  3. KeilMan

    KeilMan New Member

    not really, i rather they spend more time on making the pc version better than the consoles versions.
  4. Nope. they waited well over a year to give us a pc version, even though gta was born and popularized on pc first... so the hell with them. i dont feel like playing an OLD game at a new game price. We should have gotten this game on pc a year ago.
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  5. Whiskyt

    Whiskyt Member

  6. Cortezzzz

    Cortezzzz New Member

    I get what you mean. It feels a bit disrespectful and what-not, but still -- PC will have mods, it would really make up if they got us official mod support as well.. But you know, no matter how much Rockstar will screw us, I'm one of the people that'll still love 'em.
  7. Nocathegoat

    Nocathegoat Member

    It's on good cause sooo.. im only half broken heart
  8. Smithy5995

    Smithy5995 Member

    I'm not to bothered. The longer I don't play the game, the more enjoying it will feel when I finally play it.
  9. robitut47

    robitut47 New Member

    Yep...pretty heartbroken...even though I do understand their reasons for the delay...really wouldn't want another buggy game like AC Unity...that game really tested my patience Dx
  10. Kirra

    Kirra New Member

    Nah, there's enough games to play out there to pass the time and it'll be more enjoyable to play a game that's as polished as they can release.
  11. DevilFirePT

    DevilFirePT New Member

    I had a 50€ instore discount until feb to use. Guess what, GTA 5 delayed :slightly_sad: well.. got to play it in my ps4 then..
  12. Two games I was waiting for.. just two. The Witcher 3 and the GTA V.. Well I have put my money on the wrong horses for sure..
  13. FortyPhantom

    FortyPhantom New Member

    Yeah I was kinda upset, almost about ready to give in and just get it on ps4.
  14. I played it on the consoles and yeah it was fun for a while then it got dull and boring which is unfortunate so I aint been too worried about it being pc cause I would only play it for a short while
  15. darren486

    darren486 Member

    Actually I'm not even remotely waiting for the game... But I understand the feeling... Just like u ordered a deathstalker n the status is under process for 2weeks... Lol
  16. a82320

    a82320 Member

    Waited so long for the PC version of, just wait more for me. It will come.
  17. nope. they decided to blow off pc for well over a year already, so the hell with them. i wont pay full price on an old game.
  18. ya... Witcher 3... im in that boat too... lol
  19. Foaser

    Foaser Active Member

    I waited and waited for GTA 5...... my heart is broken by Rockstar.... i probably wont pay 60 euro for a game from 2013... They better upgrade the whole game before i even consider buying it.
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  20. exactly. 1st person mode and hiests are not enough...
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