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[Article] On getting your first Video Game job.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by technokat, Jan 26, 2017.

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  1. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    A good co-worker has recently moved on from Razer to pursue new opportunities. You may have seen @Razer|Junch around Razer Insider as the marketing lead for the award winning products like the Razer Nabu and the Razer Kraken V2, and wreaking havoc here with those smartband pre-registration initiatives. I’d love to share a particular article written by him as a parting note – read about his thoughts about getting your foot in the door of the gaming industry.

    As part of his last stint, the team visited a local university’s (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) Career Fair to speak to career hopefuls taking their first step into the workforce.

    Based in our Asia HQ of Singapore, we can see some challenges faced in growing the video games industry and the legacy impression left from cultural upbringing. While it is no doubt exploding; both in terms of large studios/publishers, indie game start-ups setting up shop, and gamers in this region making their mark in esports – there’s still much to be done.

    If you’re interested in making an impact in the world of gaming, it does not matter if you’re a lawyer, an accountant – there are always ways to get started, and we at Razer are doing just that, in terms of offering these opportunities, supporting esports and spreading the good word.

    Relating this to how we look out for interested candidates (for me at least from the Razer Community) and all I would say is this - you can pick up skills along the way (that’s also not to say we hire the incompetent), we’re less bothered if you lack the experience. What's important is that you have the heart and energy to pursue your passion. We've photographers, marketers, designers, and developers working on community management at Razer. You don't need to have a degree in marketing or communications to be on our Community team.

    Obviously not the last we’ll see of him in this industry. Best of luck in your new endeavour, Razer|Junch.

    Do check out the article. On my front, I'm happy to answer some questions if you have them. :D
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  2. PlatinumC

    PlatinumC Active Member

    Wish him the best of luck on his future endeavors.

    Well written article, and always good to see things like this happening, gives others hope too (including me :D).

    Also nicely said on your own post too @Razer|Technokat
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  3. DragoNate

    DragoNate Active Member

    That's really awesome and I hope @Razer|Junch will go far in the near future. That is some good info and encouragement for really anyone, I think. Not just for getting into a job involving gaming, but a job involving anything.
    Thanks for this post :)
  4. Fuzzybeard

    Fuzzybeard Active Member

    Dream job, getting into the gaming industry, kinda wish I saw internships for razer for us college gamer's.
  5. TheGurgeMan7

    TheGurgeMan7 Well-Known Member

    I mean if razer needs any people getting a degree in mechanical engineering and who has an autocad license, call me up XD.
  6. RasulaYadithya

    RasulaYadithya New Member

    U hire kids
    I'm serious -_-
  7. ETitus

    ETitus Active Member

    That was a cool read. Even though not really mentioned, I wonder if the gaming industry is looking for many Engineers. And if, scrap that, when it will take hold in Europe.
  8. samuelwtw

    samuelwtw New Member

    count me in if razer is hiring
  9. NinjaTadpole

    NinjaTadpole New Member

    I have a question how do you apply to get a job w/ razer?
  10. PlatinumC

    PlatinumC Active Member

  11. MissSwaggy

    MissSwaggy Active Member

    Wish him best of luck in the future :3
  12. DarthGizmo

    DarthGizmo New Member

    Very Good read indeed. I am looking to become a Game developer. Am currently enrolled in some game design and coding courses. Although I am based in the USA this was still very insightful and full of good info.
  13. XanderJ

    XanderJ New Member

    wow, planning ahead, who does that?
  14. farizno6

    farizno6 New Member

    Cool Thanks for the info.
  15. shaaanks_no_id

    shaaanks_no_id New Member

  16. CornPieCheese

    CornPieCheese New Member

    Awesome to see Razer doing things like this!
  17. viperc46

    viperc46 New Member

    Seeing things like this make me happy.
  18. Terina_no_id

    Terina_no_id New Member

    Nice introduction. I started my way into this industry as a freelancer with my own small projects.
  19. Frankenscessco

    Frankenscessco New Member

    Awesome:) Good luck
  20. xan326

    xan326 Member

    Best of luck to Junch!

    But the part I quoted intrigues me. So if I walk into the office with a resume/cv showing that I have no experience, but I have the will to learn and am somewhat competent in the area (such as hobby work but not professional work?), then I have a legitimate chance of getting a job?
    So for example; lets say I do 3D modeling as a hobby, and some of my models become prototyped with cnc work (printing, injection, routing, laser, etc.) or made into a finished product that works (full product; design, electrical, etc.), I could try to get a job designing peripherals or projects at Razer and have just as much of a chance as the next guy? Equal opportunity based on knowledge and experience?
    I understand in the professional world (though I'm not sure about Razer specifically), one person doesn't do 100% of the work on a product, there's the artistic designer, the modeler, the electrical engineers, the engineers that make sure the product works as or better than intended, the people in manufacturing and assembly, specific area managers, project managers, etc. But if a maker tries to get a job, they could go into any one of those areas of work?

    If all of this could be answered with yes, then this really gives me hope for moving into the workforce.
    I've looked at jobs in my local area that apply to what makers do, but everyone wants this certification, that certification, professional experience, experience under management, etc.; and it really bums me out, because how is someone who works out of a spare room or garage supposed to do their hobby as a job at that point? It's not realistic. At least, I'm hoping, Razer does have a different outlook on this, where they'll hire that hobbyist that may not have all these professional qualities.
    Plus, I've wanted to work at Razer since I discovered the company. I always heard good things about their products, so I checked it out, it seemed cool. Then the systems portion of the company came along, and I really wanted to work at Razer.
    Razer has also proven time and again that they're good to their customers, whether it's through Junch's smartband pre-registration (which I was part of wave 2 of the Nabu X), good support with either technical or replacement (Nabu X, when mine died, free replacement, 10/10 customer service!) and just overall good to it's fans. And if a company is good to it's customers, then it's just as good or possibly even better to it's employees, which is another reason why I've wanted to get a job at Razer someday.
    Other companies should also take note of how Razer works, with products, customer support, and this amazing idea that job seekers don't necessarily need skill or experience.

    Anyways, this has gone on enough, this is a forum, not a place to post essays about inquires and reasons why I like a company.

    TLDR: Does Razer actually hire skill-lacking people? I like Razer as a company and their products, and Razer should be an example to the industry as a whole. Also Good luck to Junch!
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