Atrox Xbox one controller questions about tension

Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by streetglow, Feb 22, 2015.

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  1. streetglow_no_id

    streetglow_no_id New Member

    ok fellow gamers -

    I love the xbox 360 mortal kombat collectors edition arcade joystick - nothing has come close -

    I purchased the xbox one atrox controller the other day but iv noticed the joystick has no tension like the mortal kombat stick did -

    I mean trying to do a half circle or fdf movement I cant seem to feel like im doing the moves I intend to do, has anyone found a fix for this, iv used it so far to play ki and dead or alive 5 -

    thinking about returning it , the joystick just feels sloppy, I did notice upon looking at the underside of it its just a square with rounded corners - the mk joystick was a solid circle - iv read the madcatz one makes a restrictor plate but whats everyones thoughts on the atrox -

    thanks all -
  2. streetglow_no_id

    streetglow_no_id New Member

    actually I bought the 8 way restrictor plate and added that, feels better but still too loose anyone know how to lessen the gap when moving from left to right or up to down ? take out the slack so to speak ?
  3. surfanor

    surfanor New Member

    The Atrox uses a Sanwa JLF stick. There are several places on the internet where you can buy tension springs designed to automatically upgrade the stick. They're super cheap about $1 before shipping. I bought one when I picked up the 8 way plate just so I'd have it if I ever wanted to try it.

    Installed it last night love the 2lb spring!
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