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Best Advice/Tips you can give to new players :)

Discussion in 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' started by Leftytwogunz, Jan 7, 2018.

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  1. Leftytwogunz

    Leftytwogunz New Member

    Hey Gamerz,

    I am new to this game and this community. I am looking to get better at this game, and wondering if you peeps can help me and others by providing some helpful tips.

    Thank You :) Much Love.
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  2. Marco5553

    Marco5553 Active Member

    Well the best advice I can give you is to learn yourself how to do better in the next round. Whenever I die I take a sec to look at why I was killed. Was it a bad move, did I ignore an open door or what was it. Then in the next round I think about how I can aprove those mistakes.
    Good playin' and have fun!
  3. Leftytwogunz

    Leftytwogunz New Member

    Thank you:)
  4. JoviClaire

    JoviClaire New Member

    Be alert all the time. Even if it feels like you're alone on a certain area, always expect that there is someone around you, so that you won't jump or panic when you hear gunshots. Sounds are VERY important in PUBG too, locating where the shots are from and if there are enemies running around are essential for surviving. Get to know the guns and when to use them. Also what Marco said, learn from your mistakes the previous rounds. Watch your deathcams. :)
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  5. Leftytwogunz

    Leftytwogunz New Member

    Thats awesome advice thank you :)
  6. J0ssen

    J0ssen New Member

    A good tip is to be somewhat early in the circle, and find good positions, it's easy to forget about the blue sone, and then that end up screwing you over. If you want to improve aim whise, i'd suggest landing where alot of people land, and go for aim duels. Also a nice way to get Battlepoints quickly.
  7. Don't over-loot. So many people get caught up with looting well into the middle game.

    A 4x or AR Silencer is useful, but not worth sacrificing awareness for by carrying on looting for too long. As often as not you'll be able to get a kill and grab what you need from them.

    The other thing is that you don't have to loot crates, its easy to get carried away when you get those kills and going over and spending too long grabbing things you don't really need. In the last few circles, unless I urgently need meds or ammo, I don't bother looting - and when I do I grab only what I most need and ignore everything else.
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  8. Derajahh

    Derajahh New Member

    Play and die. Play and die. Play and die. Play and die. Go to hotspots and practice with the weapons, don't rage.. ;) Eventually you'll get the hangoff aiming, shooting and looting (priorities). Hope it helps.
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  9. TheGurgeMan7

    TheGurgeMan7 Well-Known Member

    If you are running through an open area and start getting shot at, dont keep running unless there is immediate cover, instead crouch down, lean, and fight for your life. No one ever expects you to turn on them when you are exposed, and it is always better to go down fighting than to go down just running away.

    Sources- Top 0.11% of players in NA (me)
  10. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Move fragile things away from your desk, and prepare something that could cool down your frustration (me, go to kitchen and smoking or drinking a cup of coffee while thinking the next move;))
  11. LoveSpartan

    LoveSpartan New Member

    Main thing I would say is be patient and don't get frustrated or disheartened if you die early on in a round or even if you don't win. Take it one step at a time, learn the recoil patterns of the weapons, stay alert and most of all, just have fun playing it :)
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  12. lyyshooter

    lyyshooter New Member

    You can watch some professional PUBG players' streams and learn from them. Usually you will learn something after watching it. Here are some streamers that i like watching:
    1. TSM_Viss () he streams everyday at around 5 AM Mountain / 7 AM ET/ 12 PM GMT.
    2. Shroud ()
    3. TSM_Break ()

    Good luck!
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  13. tutata

    tutata New Member

    If you are not comfortable while landing in crowded areas and die instantly, don't. But to fully enjoy the game slowly experience the different levels of landing places in terms of popularity. I would also suggest you watch others play and watch some of the guides on youtube. There are really some quality content out there which help you understand the fundamentals of the game and vehicle/gun mechanics.
  14. dnd396

    dnd396 New Member

    I think if you are newbie, the best way to be better at gun fight's are landing in crowded areas like military base, school, pecado, hacienda or anywhere you see it will be a lot of people, don't love looting, it's great play with all weapons you love, but it's harder to find all the time, fell secure to kill a player with m416 when using a UMP and you'll be more confident at this point.
    To looting from ground, open the tab and drag'n drop the item in inventory, from a body, just right click.
    To change a weapon and attachments when your inventory are full, drop the ammo and unequip the attach's with right click, do it to put on new weapon too, so then catch your ammo.
    Try to carry an amount of itens like this:
    5 medkit/first aid
    5 bandages
    3 antibiotics
    5 energy drinks
    1 molly
    All frag grenades you can
    2 smokes
    (bang dosn't work at this game generally)
    40 assault rifle in the weapon + 200 inventory
    Sniper rifle weapon ammo + 10 times you have in the weapon
    (ex: SKS 10 + 100, KAR 5 + 50)

    I think this will be everything you'll need in a full game, loot from who you kill to stay with this all the time and have a good experience.
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