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Big problem with Razer Chroma HDK.

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse 3 Beta' started by OverGamerPL, Jan 17, 2018.

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  1. OverGamerPL

    OverGamerPL Member

    I know I should report it to Razer Support, but to explain the problem you need a video, and there you can not add photos.

    1. Razer Chroma HDK reacts strangely to music after turning on Music Visualizer 3.05
    It should be like this:
    And I have this:
    2. The LED strips are shortened after turning from right to left.
    After turning the LED strip in Razer Synapse 3, one of the LEDs disappears and one of them changes its position at the very end.
    3. As I said, I can not explain it in words.

    I apologize in advance for the confusion in the post.

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  2. RazerThe_Fiend

    RazerThe_Fiend Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Hello @OverGamerPL ,

    1. I believe that has to do with different "modes" in which Audio-Visualizer can handle the strips. You can set the mode in settings.txt file... This is from CalcProgrammer1's github :

    2. It appears that the strips initially have 15 LEDs but the one being rotated gained an LED after the rotation. The HDK has the ability to detect the strip length... did you cut the strip by 1 LED previously, by any chance? Please go ahead and submit a feedback ticket with this information (with your logs) and a link to the video. The data in the logs will be very useful in finding out where the issue lies.

    3. We've already logged this bug from other reports and are working on a fix.

  3. OverGamerPL

    OverGamerPL Member

    I did not cut off the LEDs, they are too long to shorten them. I do not know what's going on with this "github CalcProgrammer1"
  4. RazerThe_Fiend

    RazerThe_Fiend Well-Known Member Staff Member

    CalcProgrammer1 is the developer that made the Audio Visualizer application. Github is the repository where he maintains the code and documentation for the application. You can check it out here.
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