BlackWidow Chroma configurator for MAC - NOW AVAILABLE!

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Razer | kooki, May 28, 2015.

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  1. its out. i said it wasn't out a few days ago but it is out.
    the problem for you is that the chroma configurator is available only for the blackwidow
    chroma keyboard. i found out when i bought today, the chroma configurator works with the "BlackWidow Chroma' on MAC
  2. Canarypolysigns942

    Canarypolysigns942 New Member

    Hello guys! I just recently bought the Razer Blackwidow X Chroma keyboard and I am using it for MAC but I do not have any chroma configurator of some sort, I have tried updating, rebooting, etc. Please let me know if anyone has found a solution to this or has anything in regards to this feature :D
  3. Sharkyzane231

    Sharkyzane231 New Member

    what about the razer mamba?
  4. Chris_Chong

    Chris_Chong Active Member

    nice, now razer looks fabulous on pc and mac!
    thanks razer
  5. Big problem! I just purchased this keyboard for my MacBook Pro and it does not have the chroma configurator in Synaps. Support did not offer any sort of ETA of when it will be available or even if it is in the works. Would have never purchased this keyboard if I knew that this was not supported. What a shame such a great keyboard when the features are not stripped away. Would love some answers from the razor team regarding when we can expect this feature to RETURN, so I don't have to return the keyboard.
  6. floripaoliver_no_id

    floripaoliver_no_id New Member

    I just got home with a new DeathStalker Chroma and was all happy about this. Left a staggering US$200 in the shop for that (living in Brasil isn't cheap) now I found out that there isn't a option to use the advanced chroma configurator with my OSX and I am fairly upset about this from Razer. I have many devices from Razer and find this quite inconvenient. You shoud not print wrong information at the box and manual if the clients later arrive at home and the half is not supported. :slightly_sad:
  7. wa0x6e

    wa0x6e New Member

    Exactly my thought. Bought this keyboard in the hope on customizing the colors effects, etc ... but the configurator does not works only on the X version, and only on Mac. :frown_:
  8. Plumfastnexus866

    Plumfastnexus866 New Member

    how do i get chroma configuartor. my synaps is up to date but it isnt there and there is now download for it on your download page. why is this so?
  9. pointSandpoly197

    pointSandpoly197 New Member

    Also very disappointed here; I bought a Black Widow X TE for my Macbook Pro.

    The configurator is not supported for the TE version of the keyboard (this doesn't make sense btw since the non TE version is supported). I planned to create profiles for all my games to have keys color coded per ability, etc. No can do if you run OSX, so now I'm returning it to Amazon and replacing the Black Widow X TE with a Corsair K65.
  10. i think it's great and i love it because i only have a mac
  11. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member

    It is a sad day.

    Just kidding, congratulations to all the Mac users here. You guys have been waiting for this long enough!
  12. im3dmundlee

    im3dmundlee Active Member

    Ohh thanks a lot. Gonna love it
  13. RoastierThanToastier

    RoastierThanToastier Active Member

    I thought it was just my computer XD Thanks for telling me my computer isn't broken
  14. noofny

    noofny New Member

    So, when will this functionality actually be implemented in OSX - or has the vote declared it void? It's a fair question based on a product sold as "fully customisable" yet is only actually fully customisable on Windows only - can anyone from Razer comment please?
  15. spiderLL

    spiderLL New Member

    Just received this email from support:
    "Thanks for your support on Razer Synapse.
    I am sorry to inform you that this is not the bug. The configurator as of now is only available for Blackwidow Chroma for Mac edition. TE is not yet available on Mac."

    It's July, I don't think it will be released any time soon.

    Luckily I've bought it on Amazon, so I could send it back and get a Blackwidow Chroma, even if I liked the TE edition because it's small.
  16. I want to refund my keyboard but it's too late. Wish it had chroma configurator, I wish i kept my regular 2014 T.E.
  17. dual8

    dual8 New Member

    I have a Blackwidow TE Chroma, a Mamba TE and just got an Orbweaver Chroma. None of them have the chroma configurator yet on Mac :slightly_sad:

    The packaging clearly states that any individual light can be customized and does not say that this is a windows only feature. I would really like Chroma Configurator to be made available for the Mac on all Chroma devices.

    I expected that the orbweaver would at least have a "custom" lighting option like the Blackwidow TE Chroma so I could choose a static light for an individual key, but there is nothing. So I just got an advanced keypad with customizable lighting, but I cannot color code the keys, I can only set one static color for the whole thing or choose the default lighting effects.

    If it exists for the Blackwidow Chroma already then the most complex software development is likely done, and it seems like it is primarily a job of converting over any additional image assets needed for each device.

    Is there a poll or something somewhere were we can vote, report, message razer and let them know that we want support for this?
  18. adepssimius

    adepssimius New Member

    I recently bought a Blackwidow Chroma X and was very disappointed to find that the promised chroma configurator is only available for the blackwidow chroma despite the two keyboards being likely identical in hardware. The product I received is not the product that was marketed as there was no indication of software limitations in OSX. Razer may be opening themselves up to a class action here if they don't include OSX support soon for all of the keyboards that are supposed to be configurable via the chroma configurator...
  19. Yes. You should release the Chroma configurator for the Blackwidow X Chroma too!
    I'm using it and I really need the configurator
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  20. Wolf_HH

    Wolf_HH New Member

    Bought a couple of days ago the Blackwidow Chroma X and as I already have the Mamba and the firefly I completed the job with this keyboard, which I really love. I am using a MAC and bootcamp Windows and I must say that I am really disappointed that the Synapse does not have the same functionality in OSX as it has in Windows. And the worse part is: Even one makes a profile in Windows: it can not be transferred to Mac. One sees the profile created in Windows, but the lightning effects created in WIndows are not affecting/ are working on the keyboard in OSX. I was expecting more, to be honest.
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