Blade 2016 Preorder Shipment Delay

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by xstefanx, Mar 28, 2016.

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  1. BluesnBlazin

    BluesnBlazin Member

    The Intel update was the first delay...'Sorting out the orders because there are too many' could easily be translated to 'Shipping/Manufacturing problems', and this would be the reason for the second delay.

    So you are saying that they are bullshitting you because you can't calm your anger long enough to think through it logically? Calm down and relax. They DO NOT owe you this laptop by a certain time. They are not holding your money hostage. You have no right to be angry. You have every right to be disappointed, frustrated even, but anger isn't a justifiable emotion here. You are on a preorder, if you aren't prepared for all the possible delays, and the fact that it takes time to get an official statement, then you need to cancel ur preorder and only by products after they are released. Preordering takes patience and understanding as a consumer. If you can't have those qualities, then preorders are not for you.
  2. BluesnBlazin

    BluesnBlazin Member

    OMG, some people are morons on purpose...That is just hysterical.
  3. I'm a moron?? Really now. Considering Razer admitted to me on the phone that their promotions are misleading I don't think I'm a moron for bringing it up. I'd love 5 minutes alone with you in an octagon.
  4. I did preorders before but with every delay must come with a reason wouldn't you agree? People are getting pissed by both the delay and the BS excuse they are getting.

    Well i guess every ceo handles situation differently. Our ceo flew the same day to the CM in china when he found out there's an issue with our parts that are going to be used for polaris and pascal cards. I just find it difficult to understand that how can you announce something without preparing your supply chain and doing your qa first.

    ~Actually, people get pissed more on the BS excuse we get. Really.
  5. Ok kids, please calm your tits down. :cool_:
  6. You don't have to justify being angry about this delay to that jerk off. You have every right to be pissed off.
  7. Yes i agree. But some people who are chill af, seems not to understand why people gets upset.

    But yes, i am angry and upset. Don't get me wrong. Granting razer did everything by the book with regards to announcing release date and fixing their supply chain. Its somewhat hard to screw up because everyone in the supply chain will meet its target due date.

    ~unless of course, ceo announces a release date without proper supply chain preparation.
  8. Jackk102

    Jackk102 Member

    This. You guys are PRE-ORDERING something. There is always delays, if you are impatient like some of you have already said then get the **** out of the pre-order game and stop complaining here, we don't care if you canceled your order so stop trying to justify it by posting it here. They will tell us when they're ready to tell us, this thread is pissing me off more than the actual delay.
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  9. Tiny_Dinosaur

    Tiny_Dinosaur Member

    Release date means nothing now? Preorder delays all the time? That's new to me.
  10. You're in a thread about a preorder shipment delay. If you don't like people venting their frustrations then get lost.
  11. BluesnBlazin

    BluesnBlazin Member

    Yes you are a being moron, because now you looking for reasons to complain. Preorders are almost always excluded from offers like that. I can't believe anyone would actually use that as a complaint. And on your 'Octagon' comment, just chill on the roid raging bro, no one wants to engage in gay cuddle time.
  12. marziv

    marziv Member

    Hahahahahahahahah 9/5
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  13. BluesnBlazin

    BluesnBlazin Member

    No this is for information...Not for you to vent your frustrations like a moron. You're shaming Razer for not being a perfect company, well then I am shaming you for acting like a moron for stupid reasons. Are you going to mention a decagon next? Perhaps a dodecagon?
  14. Jackk102

    Jackk102 Member

    Yes release dates get pushed back, pre order delays happen. Things happen what do you want me to tell you. You all act like this is the first time something has been delayed and are venting it on this forums, Razer has a history of having delays, then they have a delay and BAM everyone goes nuts. Deal with it like adults and stop venting your frustrations on a forum thread.
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  15. On a non-ranting, researching of alternatives note:
    Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on Maingear's Pulse notebook?

    I've actually been test-driving an XPS 15 while I've waited for the Blade, and while it is a solid option, I can't stand the touchpad nor keyboard, and the 960M is far from ample (definitely not future-proof at all). Looking for other options while I ponder cancelling the Blade.
  16. webOldLacesolo800

    webOldLacesolo800 New Member

    Actually I've never had a preorder be delayed more than a week Especially when the delay happens so close to the original shipment date. I understand things like Kickstarter taking months(sometimes a year) longer than originally estimated, but that is a brand new product that hasn't even gone into production. Obviously those estimates will be off. Two months, from a company that was originally ready to ship in 2 weeks? There's clearly a communication problem there.

    Additionally, shouldn't there be a small price reduction at this point? Pretty sure computer parts get at least a bit cheaper over 2 months(barring some sort of supply shortage)... I realize they likely bought the parts a long time ago, but every month they delay is essentially "less" we are getting for our money because things are always getting cheaper/better in computer tech.
  17. BluesnBlazin

    BluesnBlazin Member

    On preorders, everything should be taken with a grain of salt and expectations should be set on the back burner, else you are setting yourself up for disappointment. This is the reality of preorders, so when delays occur and a consumer gets frustrated, then it is largely the consumer's fault for having unrealistic expectations. I get it that this is a frustrating process, but it goes without saying when you preorder. Release dates are a guideline and an expectation, not a guarantee. Personally, this just tells me that Razer has a very stringent Quality Assurance policy. If they find a little problem, they will delay until it is perfect. If you want a laptop made by a company that will always ship on it's release date, then you are going with a company that is more comfortable letting quality issues slide by. Razer seems to aim for perfection, which is something I will always wait for, even if I have to wait for explanations.
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  18. Derek712

    Derek712 Active Member

    I've had a few delays over 2 months: all were with asus and razer. Most others were within a week or so which isn't much of a delay
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  19. akapterian

    akapterian Member

    Would an epgu make things better?

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  20. BluesnBlazin

    BluesnBlazin Member

    Thanks for being another person who has realistic expectations. Every time I hear about a delay, I think, 'Thank God that is another issue that will be fixed before it gets to me.
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