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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by shinjin, Mar 29, 2016.

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  1. shinjin

    shinjin Member

    So I'm gonna be canceling my core order. It's really cool but for the money I could build an i5 rig with 16gb's of ddr4 ram in a compact QBX chassis. In fact I'll probably splurge and get an unlocked i7.

    Anyone else doing or rocking an itx build?
  2. shinjin

    shinjin Member

    Btw I'm not hating on the core. I really like the core concept and it's a gorgeous piece of gear. And the price might have given me sticker shock at first but considering Dell's TB3 Dock is $300 with no expansion slot $400 isn't a bad deal. I just decided to go a different direction since the stealth's processor likely won't be enough for me.
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  3. Ur2eZ_4_Me

    Ur2eZ_4_Me Active Member

    I'll be getting a Core if Razer offers me the 100$ off for purchasing a Blade 14 (the caveat being that I'll be purchasing the Blade from Microsoft so I'm not sure if the discount is still given).
  4. shinjin

    shinjin Member

    I'm pretty sure I read on the stealth and core thread that one guy did get a code after emailing support asking for one. It took a few days or a week for them to respond and send it but he got it. Based off that I'm assuming you should be able to get a hold of a code.
  5. NomadRT

    NomadRT Active Member

    I bought the Stealth for travel and work, and I built a desktop for gaming. Somewhat the same path as you, but I got an extremely beefy system to last for 4 or 5 years.

    i7 6700k
    Asus Maximus VIII Hero motherboard
    16 GB of Ripjaw ram
    1 TB SSD (Samsung EVO)
    EVGA 980ti Superclocked graphics card
    NZXT Stealth computer case
    NZXT Watercooling system for the CPU
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  6. shinjin

    shinjin Member

    Nice, I'll be going with similar specs. My build will be:
    QBX case
    Gigabyte g170n itx mobo
    1 X 16gb 3200mhz ripjaw ram
    I'll be carrying over some components from my last build. My h100 cooler , cx750m power supply, and r9 290 (I'm waiting for Polaris to drop).
  7. lansan5

    lansan5 Member

    Doing the same and buying off Microsoft once they become available there.
  8. TyMcLean

    TyMcLean Active Member

    That was me!

    It was pretty easy to get it too. I just used the form through the support page and got an email back 2 days later. Just make sure to register your Blade through synapse and an easy way to tell if it worked or not is to go grab FL Studio. If it takes it, then it should be smooth sailing.
  9. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member

    Lol honestly it sounds a bit like you are posting here to validate your choice. At the end of the day, it's going to be up what people personally want/need. For example, personally I have switched entirely away from desktops to laptops and will never go back. I simply do not see myself buying another desktop...ever...ultra-compact, NUC or otherwise. One major reason for this is because I understand that the PC industry is now focusing heavily on mobile, making things smaller, lighter, and less power-hungry.

    Right now, desktops are more powerful and economical than laptops, but a product is worth more than just its parts. There are things the Stealth + Core can do that desktops certainly cannot. A lot of people bring up the fact they can build a machine with better specs and less money, but they're kind of missing the point there. Razer is selling an entire experience, not just computer parts. Yeah, you can build a stronger machine, but the point is that you can't build a stronger machine in a similar or smaller form factor.

    If a desktop can still work for you, by all means, I wont stop you. Build one and save some money! That would be like trying to talk someone out of sticking to 1080p...if it works for them, I'm not going to bother. But personally though, I like to be as future-proof as possible and always look at least 5 years ahead. We're almost at the point where we can comfortably say laptops can do everything that desktops can do (while vice versa is definitely not true), and now with eGFX notebooks are taking yet another huge leap. The Razer Blade + Core can be kept relevant by upgrading the desktop GPU, and then once the Blade's bottleneck starts to become problematic, one can easily sell it and buy another since it retains its retail value so well. A desktop, on the other hand, is much harder to resell.
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  10. shinjin

    shinjin Member

    You're right to a certain degree and if I bought a 14" blade I would absolutely save myself the time and keep the core in order instead of building another rig. Unfortunately the stealth isn't as capable as the blade with its low voltage dual core processor. Dropped frames from a bottleneck could've still been bearable for me if I wasn't using a 4K monitor, current gpu's struggle to output playable frame rates as it is without a bottleneck in the system so the core just won't work out for me.

    For the majority of gamers the core is a good option and $400 isn't crazy money for it and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone rocking a full size Razer blade or any quad core i7 laptop with a TB3 port. As for stealth owners I'd recommend it but only if they don't plan on using bleeding edge graphics tech. Anything 1440p and under and it'll be fine as a gaming workhorse.
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  11. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member

    Oh trust me man, I know where you're coming from. I completely agree. If it weren't for that U-processor, I would have bought the Stealth day 1. I'm on 2560x1440 so the stealthcore combo would work, but I just don't want a dual-core CPU for my main (and only) computing device.

    The Blade 14 is nice...but I'm miffed about the Pascal thing lol...
    It's also a bit heavy as far as ultrabooks are concerned. I got tired of carrying my Blade 2014 everyday so I sold it (surprisingly for more than I got it for). I think 12-13" & 2-3 lbs is the sweetspot for travel.

    I think we're on the cusp though...give a year or two for the technology to mature and that will be the time to do another big investment on computer tech.
  12. NomadRT

    NomadRT Active Member

    The last few sticking points on these Blades (and any other laptops) regarding the bottlenecks is precisely why I decided to purchase the Stealth for portability, but do (perhaps) one last major full desktop replacement. I'm hopeful that 3 or so years from now I'll be able to hop over to just a Blade laptop and get equivalent (or close) performance that a desktop would get as technology improves.
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