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  1. edit - somehow lost the end of my post title: "Can't install from LiveUSB on Razer 2017 Windows 10", Oops.

    I'd like to install Ubuntu 17.04 which has the 4.10 kernel alongside Windows 10 on my fancy dancy new Razer Blade Kaby Lake so that I have an OS I know and love. I do know from that I need to upgrade the kernel to 4.11 to get everything happy but I wonder if there's a way to get Ubuntu installed at all so upgrading the kernel is easier? I followed the instructions here and seem to have a working bootable drive that appears in the boot menu when I restart my machine, but selecting it does nothing. I've disabled FastBoot and SecureBoot in my BIOS and also tried switching the boot order of the devices (making my hard-drive boot option 2 and the removable USB boot option 1) but I still can't boot from the USB device. A few details about the machine:

    Razer Blade Pro 2017 (Kaby Lake)

    Windows 10

    Aptio 2017

    I know that other folks installed Ubuntu on their Razer Pro, any tips or suggestions on how you did it would be very much appreciated, thanks!
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  3. Interesting, thanks for the response! It's very strange that I can't select the USB drive in the boot menu, I'll verify the checksum and see if that clears anything up because I think you're right that there must be something wrong with the image on the drive.
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