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Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Razer|Captain, Jan 6, 2015.

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  1. tephiestephie

    tephiestephie New Member

    I've updated Synapse and checked for additional updates manually but still haven't received the Chroma Configurator update. I've also completely reinstalled Synapse still to no avail. Super annoyed :/ Can anyone shed some light on this or is anyone else experiencing the same issue? 1.32.21 is the version of Synapse it says I am currently running. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
  2. GugZi

    GugZi Member

    1.32.21 :eek: mine is 1.18. do u download it from razer's officel site?
  3. meiows

    meiows New Member

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  4. tephiestephie

    tephiestephie New Member

    Yeah I downloaded it from the Razer site.
  5. Download it from synapse..
    Also,can you do anything to your keyboard color wise now? I don't have the keyboard yet.
  6. Is it only available on PC for now? I'm trying to update my mac client but it says its up to date (1.32.21) and that there are no updates available.
  7. Might be a while for Mac.
  8. Serves me right for gaming on a mac ;)
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  9. I'd never get a Mac unless I was doing something that needed a program for mac.
  10. xlupox16

    xlupox16 New Member

    I cant resize my razer configurator to show me where the import button is. anyone else having this issue?
  11. Skippy2k

    Skippy2k Member

    I had some issues with that too, not being able to resize or scroll over for all the options on my current monitor. I have a new widescreen coming but in the mean time I had to change my resolution to show it all and let me see all the options.
  12. castAvocadogeo993

    castAvocadogeo993 New Member

    Kinda stupid, but I had the same "problem". Turns out I wasn't looking in the right place. It's under "lighting". I got so mad thinking mine wasn't working, turns out I'm just dumb. Good luck! Hopefully it's that easy haha.
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  13. DivineDragon

    DivineDragon New Member

    Does anyone know how to make a breathing pattern where I can adjust the speed for the LEDs illuminating? The breathing feature doesn't allow customization of how fast/slow I want my LEDs to pulsate. :slightly_sad:
  14. castAvocadogeo993

    castAvocadogeo993 New Member

    I have mine set to "ripple" but it's not doing anything? ): It was doing it earlier.
  15. I wish there were better synchronization with my mouse. I have my blackwidow set up for spectrum cycling plus a ripple effect when I type, but its spectrum cycling is out of sync with my deathadder. Any tips?
  16. NanoAnarchy

    NanoAnarchy New Member

    Setup a macro where shift + tab when you have your csgo profile it changes color profiles to one thats just a static color. Then on that profile just have a key set to switch back to the csgo color profile. Cant do it automatically because steam overly is always up while the game is up, so until the sdk is out we'll have to stick with macros for triggers.

    @GugZi ^
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  17. pandawi

    pandawi New Member

  18. kingmanjo

    kingmanjo New Member

    I want taht too, we need those templates very very seductive...
  19. pandawi

    pandawi New Member

    I thought razer would put it as one of the templates you can choose from but they only put out ripple
  20. kingmanjo

    kingmanjo New Member

    Yea that and the other one on their page, i was kinda sad lol hopefully they add it..
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