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Chroma mirroring with Movies/Games from Monitor (Ambilight)

Discussion in 'Razer Chroma' started by Beedyboy, Feb 4, 2018.

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  1. Beedyboy

    Beedyboy New Member

    I recently downloaded the Ambilight app, and it's great! It is amazing to watch a movie, while the lights sync on your keyboard and peripherals...
    BUT I also have multiple hue lamps and they DO NOT sync with this APP. Until I found this app I was just using a windows app called "hueDynamic for Hue" which changes the color of Hue lights to the colors on the monitor, similarly to the Ambilight. However, the two apps don't like each other so I cannot have full immersion. The new synapse should sync the app with Hue.

    I wish someone could update the Ambilight app so they work with Hue lights, or a new APP which does the same. (Audio visualizer, for example, synced my Hue lights too to the music and razer chroma at the same time.)

    Also, the Ambilight app does not support some Razer gear like my Death adder elite chroma mouse. I have a Razer HDK light-strip pack on the way, and I just hope that does work with the Monitor mirroring, would be great.

    If anyone knows anything please let me know! :)
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  2. Replic-TuaniOne

    Replic-TuaniOne New Member

    I really want to see a version that also supports the HDK, I put that behind my monitor and that would really boost up that ambilight experience

    So... I'm curious as well!
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