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Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by zcr07, Jan 10, 2017.

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  1. zcr07

    zcr07 Well-Known Member

    Hello best community ever!

    I was hoping to tap into the virtually bottomless pit of diverse skills, talents, and knowledge to help me improve my streams/videos.

    First off I am trying to setup a moderately professional looking homepage for my youtube/twitch/facebook pages. I wanted to create some banner/cover art for these as well and I'm curious to ask those that already have their own, how you went about doing it? Did you commission someone to do it, do it yourself, or just grabbed some stock photos or something?

    I'm more interested in creating my own content all around, but I'm not interested in purchasing software just for this (at least not at the moment). I used Paint.Net for my current profile picture on here.

    I also wanted to see if I could get some insight as to designs. I created my current picture simply by playing around with effects in Paint.Net.
    Some qualities that I particular want to include are the color green, and the letter "Z", the rest I'm really flexible on.

    So how about it? Can I get some tips/ideas from my fellow Insiders? :)
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  2. ONREY_no_id

    ONREY_no_id Member

    GIMP helps a lot.
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  3. GSSGaming

    GSSGaming Well-Known Member

    Back when I was still active on YouTube (rip) I made my own intros and channel art.

    They were never really that good because I specialized in video editing and only have a slightly above average skill with Gimp.
    Speaking of which, Gimp is like a free photoshop. A lot of people use gimp and I cannot recommend it enough if you don't want to spend $300+ a year on software.

    I also have to say that I am a fan of your current logo. I was never really good with the drawing portion so kudos to you.

    There was one time I had someone make me a banner as a favor.
    1 channel backround G1.png

    If you want to check him out he's pretty fair on pricing. Don't mind the spelling errors though. English isn't his first language and I'm pretty sure he learned it through gaming.

    If you have anymore questions feel free to ask. This was all kinda scatter brained. Good luck!
  4. DragoNate

    DragoNate Active Member

    I suggest GIMP. I use it all the time for literally everything. Totally free. Use the image below (in the link) as your template.
    Just copy it, paste into GIMP, create a new layer and draw/color/design your heart out on the second layer. When you're finished and happy with it, delete the template layer and export as a .jpg with 90 quality rating.

    Oh, also, when you're finished, (or even before) give me a link to your channel.

    Forgot to mention, don't alter the size of the template image at all.That is the exact size needed for YouTube. You can use it for Facebook/Twitter with no problems as well. Twitch, however... I haven't found a way to make a GOOD Twitch banner. They automatically resize the banner with different screen resolutions and garbage, so it's never going to stay the way you actually want it to be :/
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  5. zcr07

    zcr07 Well-Known Member

    First off thank you all for your input and sorry it took me so long to reply. I got busy at work. xD

    I've tried it before, but maybe it was just too complicated for me at the time so I'll have to redownload it. I actually kinda like Paint.NET so far.

    Thanks, like I said that was done in Paint.NET with 0 drawing. I actually used a font I liked for a letter Z, then just copied 4 together with the corners almost touching and then warped/twisted the whole image using an effects/distortion extension. It was actually pretty simple and I liked the result. I can't draw either so I was looking for more of that- using effects to modify simple shapes to create my own.

    I've actually collected the sizes needed for Youtube banner art and profile icon, and the same for Facebook, but I will definitely check out that template, or look for others.
    As far as my youtube goes, it's right here, but I don't have anything yet. I've also set up a Facebook. I still have pretty low-end internet so I can't actually stream(very well) yet, but I have recorded a couple videos I'd like to just edit and upload.

    Also @ONREY @Stone Star @DragoNate , any suggestions for free video editors??
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  6. ONREY_no_id

    ONREY_no_id Member

    Sadly, there are no really good editing programs for free. I reccomend wax. Best free video editor out there, but old looks
  7. zcr07

    zcr07 Well-Known Member

    First question, does it add a watermark?
  8. GSSGaming

    GSSGaming Well-Known Member

    Windows Movie Maker is great for starting out. Its not that bad if you know how to work around some of its shortcomings.

    I personally use a trial of Camtasia that I simply refresh by deleting a registry file.
  9. zcr07

    zcr07 Well-Known Member

    I came across Camtasia when I was looking for free editors but I ditched it when I saw it was only a free trial. I may look into it again.
    It actually just occurred to me that I have the GoPro Studio software. I wonder if that would be good enough for my needs.
  10. DragoNate

    DragoNate Active Member

    Let me know when you've got your channel set up! I'd love to take a look at it :)

    As for video editors, you could always go with Windows Live Movie Maker. Or iMovie on a Mac. Unfortunately, most free video editors will have limitations
    ex) video length, resolution, watermark, etc...
    I use MAGIX. That link takes you to the most basic version. $70. Still pretty expensive, but better than most out there probably. I use the premium version. Even the basic version will allow overlays, so you put an image into your video ON TOP OF the video. As well as text and some effects.

    I tried using a bunch of free ones previously before getting MAGIX and nothing worked :/ In fact, from downloading a bunch, I ended up getting a virus. Was able to clean it up though.
    Just be careful what you download, how much and where from.

    Just in case, if you even notice random ads popping up when you're browsing the internet or your homepage automatically changes to something different or you even notice anything weird coming up in a URL, you have the virus I got.
    You can contact me for help getting rid of it. It's a little complicated, so I won't write all the steps here.
    This virus is more of an annoyance than anything super dangerous really.
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  11. zcr07

    zcr07 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I've had my share of viruses enough to the point that I know what to watch for.
    The worse one that I actually got from my friend was an application that looked like a folder(folder image icon) but when you clicked it out of reflex like "what's in here?" it would run itself again. Every time it ran, it created a duplicate application within every folder that had the same name as the parent folder. It was such a pain and super time-consuming to get rid of.

    Anyway, I will definitely keep that in mind if I ever breakdown and decide to buy software. Thanks!
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  12. DragoNate

    DragoNate Active Member

    Ooh... That one sounds horrible... Probably less dangerous than the virus I was talking about lol.
    Well, good luck, and like I said, let me know when you got stuff up!
  13. bmoconno

    bmoconno Well-Known Member

    I've recommended this site here before, but it's good to get it out there for people who don't know. There is a site called Fiverr where you can contract people to do just about anything creative that you don't have the time or ability to do... and most of the time it'll only cost you $5.

    Here is a link to the specific category you are looking for, you can view the artists, what the charge, how long it'll take them to do yours, and view their previous work to see if you like their style.

    As far as free video editing, I would agree that the best options are iMovie and Windows Movie Maker. It's unfortunate, but sometimes you've gotta (or "technically" should) bite the bullet and spend some money to get quality software.

    GIMP can definitely be intimidating for new users, especially if you don't have experience with the Adobe suite of software. There's lots of great tutorials and information out there to help you learn though, and it's a good skill to have.
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  14. PlatinumC

    PlatinumC Active Member

    @bmoconno that "technicality" reference lol. I am surprised it took so many comments for someone say that.

    But ontopic: +1 to GIMP, don't know about free video editing tools though.

    I use a full Adobe CC kit (well I say I use, but I have not learned enough to be any good, besides images).
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  15. zcr07

    zcr07 Well-Known Member

    That is fantastic. Now I don't know if I'll resort to that, but that is a website I needed in my life. I am definitely one to get too frustrated and want to throw money at it. However for this particular project, I was kind of hoping to do it all myself on point of pride.
    I will also give GIMP another try. I've downloaded it, I just haven't taken the time to sit down and actually mess with it.

    Yeah, I've tried avoiding that technicality before and it just doesn't end up being worth it in my experience.

    I've dreamed about a full Adobe CS (or CC now) before, but I cannot in my right mind justify that cost for recreational use.
  16. bmoconno

    bmoconno Well-Known Member

    I purchased it, and I'm no graphic artist. I just like playing with it, and doing logos and stuff for friends and websites of mine. I bought CS5 (before the subscription service was an option) and I've loved having it, the license I bought allowed me to install it on both my Mac and PC and they are an incredible set of tools.

    It's a huge upfront cost, but it's good for years and year and years. Quality software if there ever was any.
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  17. zcr07

    zcr07 Well-Known Member

    Yeah... it's the huge upfront cost that gets me. At that cost, I could get something I'm actually decent at to make money from.
  18. GSSGaming

    GSSGaming Well-Known Member

    GoPro studio, while simple isn't that bad. I'd give it a go.
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  19. zcr07

    zcr07 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I'll have to go back and check it out again.
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  20. ONREY_no_id

    ONREY_no_id Member

    No, it doesn't. It's just a little bit confusing at the beginning(and still after a few years haha)
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