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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Asylum9119, Jul 26, 2018.

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  1. Asylum9119

    Asylum9119 New Member

    I have only had Razer products for less than a year, I have had barely any issues except one with my Razer Mamba TE (minor tracking issues) Since I purchased my Razer Ornata chroma a few months ago, I have emptied my pockets into useless but beautiful products such as the Base station chroma and Firefly. I love all of my products and do not regret spending my money on Razer.

    I contacted customer support today, thinking that I should finally do something about my Mamba's tracking. I first contacted the wrong support page as I could not access the other forms of support for some reason (most likely not Razer's fault) I have heard many bad things about Razer support, I don't really understand why... Are these people corsair spy's? Anyway, maybe I just got lucky but within a few seconds of submitting my error to the live chat page, a man from order support answered. After explaining the full details, he reffered me to a different area of support who picked up after about 30 seconds.

    The man was very nice and was quite down to earth (he was chatty and seemed like he was happy to do his job) he said he would send me an email about how to fix my issue and asked me some basic questions about what I had done to fix the issue already before I went to support without patronizing me (as allot of other companies do).

    If my support worker reads this then thankyou very much for fixing my issue without being a ####.

    Anyone else not understand why Razer support gets so much hate?
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  2. 91xoL

    91xoL Active Member

    Well I'm not agree with you, I have a problem with my headset (razer kraken 7.1 chroma).
    I have written to razer support numerous times, but I have often had answers like: "wait for a synapse update is a software problem", "reinstall all razer programs", "create another synapse account", " send us all your synapse log data that we will examine them ".
    At this last point I never had an answer back.

    If I hadn't found another person with the same problem it this forum, I wouldn't have gone on writing to razer support.

    Fortunately, after they put some razer support staff on this site, it seems easier to solve some problems.

    They ask me to repeate all the procedures, after they asked me again for the logs, I waited two months for a respone that I never recived, so I wrote again for know the situation.

    Now it seems that they can replace the headset but I will have to pay the shipping costs.

    All this problem was created a year and a half ago and I'm still behind to try to solve it.

    That's why I think the support team should be managed in a better way.

    In general I think that all Razer, in almost every single organ, have management problems, should try to revise the general infrastructure of their company in order to improve and excel as gamers company.
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