December 2016 – What's in your bag?

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by Razer.WolfPack, Dec 13, 2016.

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  1. DigitalLube_no_id

    DigitalLube_no_id New Member

    My daily bag. Jug brand skate backpack with side skateholders(must have for any blader) my K2 skates of course, slick full cut Pro-Tec helmet, some comfy JBL headphones, sunglasses, a really cheap tablet, water bottle in bag along with skatewax and tools/bearings, and phone that I used to take said picture and record skate footage and pics. Thanks for the giveaway! baggy.jpg
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  2. DigitalLube_no_id

    DigitalLube_no_id New Member

    oh and of course I prefer Android!
  3. Fazethree

    Fazethree New Member

    Razer BP.jpg Well I'd like to 1st thank @razer for this months "What's in your bag?" I always see for the Razer faithful on here. My definition of faithful is BRAND LOYALTY! And since 2011, I've become 100% Razor loyal. I'm 46yrs old, a single father to a wonderful 7yr son, he's my priority and privilege and a pc gamer also. He started playing CSS on my desktop @ 2yrs.. A coworker showed me online gaming in 02', hooked. Didn't however know the depth it goes. Now my daily ready to FPS whenever bag is a Mobile Edge 17" Razer Pro Tactical Backpack, I put my android charger and phone in the 1st pocket, along w pens and notepads for work, stylus, WoW authenticator, travel size cologne, WoW loot cards and random stickers. The outer pouches house my Razer Naga Epic Chroma, base, and additional wires like USB extensions, micro usb. Center houses my My Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma headphones, along with my Razer Firefly Chroma, and my Razer Tartarus Chroma as well. And the back pocket houses the rest of what my bag was built for! My Razer Blade Pro. My desktop is to out dated inside to play my games smoothly, but my son uses it for some of his, as he's scorn from lag to badly yet! But as you can see, the Razer faithful in me started with an old Naga, and Razer keyboard. So I've got a few backups if ever needed. Thanks again, Happy and Safe Holidays to the entire Razer staff and our community~

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  4. grob9642

    grob9642 New Member

    Ok, guys here is my junky daily carry. Mostly for work; all the good gaming stuff is at home! :)
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  5. grob9642

    grob9642 New Member

    Oh I forgot to add: Android! Sry I am crap at posting stuff.
  6. sickerin

    sickerin New Member

    This is my EDC! My favorite products are my Blade Stealth, and Hammerhead V2. I love paperback books and use a Thule Crossover 25L backpack. I prefer Android over Apple.

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  7. andres8h

    andres8h New Member

  8. syscrusher

    syscrusher Member

    Microsoft might be asking the same question. ;)

    Did I say that in my outside voice?
  9. goldnleg

    goldnleg New Member

    My daily driver;
    Razer Blade 14 2015
    Razer Orochi
    GoPro Hero4 Session
    Touro 1tb External
    Burton Bag
    GorillaPod Tripod
    Astro A30
    Sony MDR NC31EM Earbuds
    iPod Shuffle
    Kingston Data Traveller
    Wallet (of course)
    Sony SWR50 Smartwatch 3
    Google Pixel XL (with Dbrand skin not featured as I'm taking pics with it)

    I actually have a ton more crap in my bag daily like gym clothes, water bottle, snacks in case I go hiking etc.. I use my cameras to film random stuff including parkour and nature.

    Hope I win! Razer is awesome.

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  10. goldnleg

    goldnleg New Member

    Going to be getting a new bag soon though, this one is getting old and I'm going to China next year. I'm thinking the Razer Tactical Pro!
  11. My Daily Rig

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  12. Darkphyer

    Darkphyer New Member

    tmp_23228-_20161218_130751-1794969023.JPG This is what I carry around... The bag is Swiss gear.... The laptop, is an HP G60, it was a great machine 8 years ago, mouse is a Logitech G series, the gamepad is also Logitech, stupid tablet set up as a remote, portable hard drive and accessories ( misc. Cords, USB hubs and dongles, card readers, flash drives, and tools)

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  13. Hozimina

    Hozimina Member

    My daily carry is nothing special, just a:
    milspec backpack from code alpha, Razer Hammerhead headphones, Razer Kraken Pro headphones, Razer Naga mouse, Laptop (I plead the fifth on its identity, just know its WAY outdated), Nintendo 3DS, Car keys w/ Razer Keychain, Hat, Glasses, Sunglasses, Yu-Gi-Oh cards, Magic Cards, playmat mouse pad, Water Bottle, Tyranid Codex, and of Course my wind up pocket watch.
    Hope my gear is up to standards
  14. peffz

    peffz New Member

    On my daily carry are my S7 (used to take picture), freshwater, my drawing pad, college blogs, my blade stealth, my Nikon D3300, my Hammerhead Pros and the blades powerchord which are all stored in my lovely Razer Rouge Backpack. I prefer Android and Paperback ^^
    Im planning to get an Orochi soon to acompany my Blade Stealth :) I am a student so I try to keep my everyday carry to a minimum
  15. peffz

    peffz New Member

    And here the Picture:

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  16. peffz

    peffz New Member

    *and a pencilcase
  17. CasvalR

    CasvalR New Member

    Hi Razer,

    I got my New Razer Blade Stealth just in time for Finals Week. I can't wait to break it in for my Final Photography Critique and Art History paper. My red Naga Hex remains my go to mouse for all my gaming/photo-shopping needs.

    I like to bring my 3DS because there's always time for a Pokemon adventure and my Kindle for when I'd prefer to immerse myself on a bench at my local coffee shop. I will and always prefer Android over Apple. My Chrome Mini Messenger has been instrumental in carrying everything I need as I bike around campus. Quality sound with a small footprint is important so my Bose SoundSports for when I'm biking or working in the library has gotten good mileage, and my Leviathan Mini when I score a private darkroom or study room.

    I bring my Pentax K1000 everywhere because I am making a habit of taking a roll of film each day. Plus, you never know when you see something worthwhile on your day-to-day exploration.

    Good luck everyone! Thanks Razer for an opportunity show off what's in my bag!

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  18. Hamcillus

    Hamcillus New Member

    Got a 17" Toshiba laptop with power cord, phone chrger, flash drive
    watch, spare pair socks, ear plugs, pen stethoscope, emt tools and a decent 8" tablet.
    just the stuff I take to work with me every day, not pictured my 6s, couple of energy drinks and energy shots.
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  19. Outahismind

    Outahismind New Member

    Goes back and forth with me everyday to work and anywhere else I venture.

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  20. BerlianFox

    BerlianFox Member

    Very nice!
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