[Developers] Color It Up with the Chroma line of Razer Peripherals

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Sep 18, 2014.

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  1. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member


    With the launch our really sweet line of color-customizable Chroma line of Razer peripherals, we’re pleased to also announce that these Razer Chroma –enabled devices will come with an open SDK that allows game developers to take advantage of the multitude of lighting options available for Chroma-enabled devices by integrating them into their games.

    Make your Razer BlackWidow Chroma display a lighting cue when your base is being attacked or when a boss is respawning – the possibilities are endless.

    Coming soon. Stick around for more news to come.

    Here's our Chief Gamer & CEO, Min-Liang Tan giving you a walkthrough of our Chroma peripherals:

    Check out our Chroma line of Razer peripherals here: http://rzr.to/chroma
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  2. Thewakerx

    Thewakerx New Member

    OMG Razer, every time something new and awesome xD
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  3. Seyersder1

    Seyersder1 New Member

    Can i have deathadder chroma or just blackwidow chroma? please? Better if both :3
  4. Joss4n

    Joss4n Member

    I want a Chroma setuup ;_;
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  5. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I recently put in an order for the BlackWidow Chroma Stealth for my main PC - I would be thrilled if the games I played affected my keyboard. lol
    (well, at least for a while, but I think eventually I'd really want my normal steady color back - my laptop has a "chroma-style" keyboard and I usually color my laptop to match my PC)
  6. LakeWithoutWater

    LakeWithoutWater New Member

    If 'tis possible too 'ave th' keyboard light up when a Tower be gettin' destroyed (MOBA) or when ye're gettin' shot at (FPS) sign me up! :)
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  7. Crotale

    Crotale Member

    If my BlackWidow Ultimate 2012 ever finally packs it in, I know for sure I will be upgrading to a Chroma. I hope devs make good use of these lighting features. Could really add to the immersion.
  8. lochu91

    lochu91 Active Member

    I don`t understand what`s the point from a competitive side. If you`re being shot u know it cause you see it on the screen, or when your tower is attacked/destroyed you know it anyway cause annoucer is telling you. Unless people would use this feature 4fun then it`s cool. I wouldn`t use it though, at all.
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  9. LakeWithoutWater

    LakeWithoutWater New Member

    As I agree 'tis mighty pointless I would prefer a plain ole lime green as me keyboard (Me fav'rit color) but yeah 'twould be fun too see how it plays out 'n how others use that feature too thar advantage :)
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  10. Feyri

    Feyri New Member

    I think this is a great feature, sometimes you just get so focused that you miss things that are in the background or on a different side of the map. this would allow you to keep that focus while being more aware of other goings'on.
  11. lochu91

    lochu91 Active Member

    If we are talking about moba it happend to me only when i was learning the game. Once i started using map never happened to me that i didnt`t know if someone was backdooring me.
  12. BrandonJCScott

    BrandonJCScott Active Member

    Looking forward to seeing the SDK for Chroma. It's another great way to interface with your users.
  13. Mehsaurus_no_id

    Mehsaurus_no_id New Member

    Waiting for my Blackwidow Chroma to rock up at my local EB Games that I ordered it from. Gonna be soooooo sick.

    SUPERCILEX Active Member

    I really can't wait! Can you imagine how fun it will be to have the rings of an explosion go through your keyboard? This is gonna be awesome!!!
  15. 1006548

    1006548 New Member

    I wish I had 1 razer product :c
  16. luftROFLwaffle

    luftROFLwaffle New Member

    So actually, what are the differences in the current hardware? It seems like you could easily just pass a software update to Synapse so that people with existing (older) hardware can utilize Chroma shenanigans, but I don't really know much about the internals. Can LED configurations be purely software-based?
  17. protato117

    protato117 New Member

    will I be able to develop something even without a chroma enabled device? ._.

    alright...I know that kinda sounds stupid but I just want to make sure.
  18. OccamRazer

    OccamRazer Member

    Maaan - I really wish I could upgrade to Chroma! Maybe come out with a modkit?? I love my BW and Kraken 7.1 but dat Chroma...
  19. Alaeriia

    Alaeriia Member

    Well, my Corsair K95 RGB (yes, heresy, I know, but I still rock an Orbweaver and a DeathAdder 4G) has a special display controller for the lighting; presumably, single-group RGB lighting (like that on the Anansi and DS Ultimate, the latter of which I own) has a simpler controller that has all the LEDs wired in parallel. I don't see why any chroma option that can apply to all the lights on a board at once (breathing comes to mind) cannot be accomplished by previous hardware, though.
  20. Ryouji

    Ryouji New Member

    The Razer Chroma looks cool, I really want to buy one or try it out. I really want the Kraken, cause I dont have a gaming headset. I was wonderin, what is the diffrence between the old Razer products and the Chroma? Is it just the colour? It would be even better if there is more lighting effect like the water drop effect.
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