"Disable All Keys" profile for Blade - for 60% Mechanical Keyboard lovers

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cloud Cray, Mar 3, 2017.

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  1. Hey all -

    I use my Blade for software development, and I typically use my Pok3r keyboard when I code. However, this means I either need to place the keyboard in front of the Blade (taking up too much space and making the trackpad more difficult to reach) or I have to put it on top of the built-in keyboard (requiring me to disable all of the keys on the Blade). Many laptops nowadays have an option to disable the built-in keyboard, buy this has been my workaround. I know it's a niche, but since it's pretty tedious to do this manually, I figured I should share the profile.

    Note: the Left Windows button can't be disabled :/

    You can download the RazerSynapse file from my DropBox here

    Happy Coding! :)

    IMG_5507 (1).JPG
  2. Xereint

    Xereint Member

    Them keycaps..
  3. RitzBitz

    RitzBitz New Member

    this is the only thread i could find with this profile for synapse, want to clean my keyboard without unplugging it so when im watching videos i dont have to keep replugging it to search youtube...
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