Do i always have to hold down The FN key?

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Dgates, Jun 26, 2016.

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  1. I came from corsair keyboards where i can easily turn down or up the voulume/skip song etc.
    Now i got my self a blackwidow chroma, and everytime i want to skip song or something i have to hold down the FN key which is pretty annoying.

    Is there anyway to change it so you dont need to hold FN when you change song, skip song etc. and instead need to hold FN key when you want to use f1 f2 f3 .. ? (i never use these keys)

    So basicly i want the FN to be pushed down permanently. I read that you could use the razer synapse for this but dont understand how you do it. Im pretty new to razer and dont understand all the things in synapse that good.

  2. I only have a razer blade stealth - but the process should be similar.

    Within synapse - once you choose the correct device - the keyboard in your case .. you should see something towards the bottom like "F-keys primary behavior: * Function Keys *Multimedia Keys ". [ It's where the green dot is in the attached image]

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  3. I dont think i have that option. Or atleast i cant find it, have looked around alot.
  4. squeeze88

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    Well, it depends on the OEM on how they want to design the circuitry. Some design such a way that you need not press the FN key to use the FN. Others just does it the opposite way.
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