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Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by THRobinson75, Jun 6, 2018.

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  1. THRobinson75

    THRobinson75 New Member

    I bought a Death Adder Elite a few months ago, my trusty MS Mouse finally died after a decade of use and I wanted something of good quality and big because I have big hands.

    I like the mouse, though ever so often the wheel starts squeeking... but the software is awful. It's borderline virus like for the annoyance.

    I keep getting it popping up at startup (Win10) asking for login information... I put it in, it's checkmarked to remember my login info, and sure enough the next day it asks again. Seems random... it'll be fine for weeks then I'll get it daily for days.

    I finally had to disable updates. I had 5 updates in a week! for a mouse?! disabled it and still on occasion I get it popping up with an update.

    Even the emails are annoying. Opted out of all emails, and I still get them randomly and in the footer it'll say it's not marketing so doesn't count for what I opted out of. Just annoying.

    Is there a way to I dunno... install a basic driver, and maybe in the registry change a few things? I have the speed set to 2250 and two buttons for switching speed set to page up/down. Everything else is set to default, even the lighting.

    I'm not a gamer... I have DOOM installed, and Borderlands... but I don't care about the mouse flashing colours and such when playing and I never switch the speeds.

    Is there a way to uninstall this annoyance, and keep the mouse working as it's currently set up? Thanks.
  2. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member

    First off, Do you use Synapse 3? Synapse 2 is pretty bad compared to Synapse 3, I have not had many issues with the new Synapse since I downloaded it at the end of last year. The deathadder elite is also supported on Synapse 3.

    If it still causes issues, you could stop the program from starting first when you turn on your PC, and synapse isn't fully needed in the first place if you want to keep it off after you stop it from launching on startup. The basic drivers should be installed in windows and Synapse is mainly for configurating the DPI and colors of the mouse, along with the different assignments to the buttons on the mouse.
  3. THRobinson75

    THRobinson75 New Member

    Yup.... 3.3.5xxxx

    I know when I started the PC, with the mouse plugged in it worked fine before I install the Razer software. But, as mentioned, I have those 2 things changed on the mouse that I want to keep changed. Speed, and those 2 buttons. Otherwise I find the default speeds either too fast or too slow compared to what I'm used to.

    Was hoping I could uninstall, go into a regkey somewhere and manually set a few parameters. Speed and reassign those 2 buttons.

    Software and junk mail alone is making me regret not buying another Microsoft mouse. My Microsoft Laser Mouse 6000, although old... was a great mouse for years, never had a single email or popup bothering me. :S
  4. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member

    My Mamba keeps its DPI speed on board without having to use Synapse, but the buttons being configured are one of the things that can't be kept on board, unless they changed something as of late.
  5. THRobinson75

    THRobinson75 New Member

    I'd be happy with just the DPI... I'll try tonight. 2 buttons I honestly forget I have most of the time. Mouse speed I'm picky about though.

    Unrelated but, as I mentioned in passing, the mouse squeaks sometimes.

    Razer did offer an exchange but soon as they did the squeak went away. Closed the file and a week later squeaking again. I get about 4 scrolls then a squeak so, thinking a small spot every full-turn.

    Seems a common issue, I guess needs lubed up better. Is it better to send it back and exchange? take it apart and add some silicone grease myself? or carefully add a small drop of silicon oil on either side of the scroll wheel and let it work it's way inside on it's own?
  6. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member

    I would RMA it while I have the chance, taking it apart or doing anything like that in general might void the warranty on it, and I find with most things, if you have an issue when the product is pretty new and under warranty, it might end up turning into some kind of worse issue in the future.
    My Hammerhead Pro V2's starting having issues where the audio would cut out every now and then and the in line audio controls would not work, the earbuds lost audio fully in one side about two months later. Luckily it was under warranty still and I got my replacement a couple of months ago and it has worked fine since.
    My deathadder's have held up good, I have used one for around 3 years and the other for around 3, those being a Deathadder 2013 and a Deathadder Chroma. I still use the Chroma today with no issues while using it on hard surfaces.
  7. THRobinson75

    THRobinson75 New Member

    Well, uninstalled it last week.

    Upside is that it works... downside is that at night when the monitor is off but PC still on, mouse remains lit, it doesn't turn off. Other downside is that for the week my mouse-speed was still how I wanted it, until today when I pressed one of the speed adjusting buttons and it reset. Now it's either too slow, or too fast.

    I can deal with the light... I'll give a few days with the speed setting but pretty sure I'll have to reinstall the software.

    We sure there's no ini file or regkey for this? I mean... it saved my speed settings after uninstall for a full week until the button was pressed so, must have saved the speed setting somewhere.
  8. Just look for other mousetools on the net and get rid of razer-bloatware.
  9. THRobinson75

    THRobinson75 New Member

    There are 3rd party apps for these?

    I ended up installed v2 to give it a try. So far it's better, less of the bloatware and junk, but in the past week it has popped up 2-3x asking for me to login despite having the 'remember me' checked off.

    Really, only thing I need it for is the mouse speed... it's either way too slow or way too fast.
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