Do you spend money in Free-to-Play games?

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by SnoopWicked, Apr 13, 2021.

  1. Byangkka

    Byangkka Member

    The only time I spent money for that, was on Playstation Home. They closed and I regret it so much.
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  2. alvintan1984

    alvintan1984 New Member

    Nope, I rather take my time to progress in the game and have fun (even though I can afford to spend).
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  3. I discovered Playstation Home about 2 months before they announced it was being shut down. :slightly_sad:
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  4. DanitShelburn

    DanitShelburn New Member

    Not many online gamblers are aware that they can visit gambling establishments and sign up for free spins
  5. joswell1

    joswell1 New Member

    I love playing video games and I spend a lot of money on them. My school, Mukabbir, is hosting a gaming event, and I participate in it.
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  6. Xx-Navin-xX

    Xx-Navin-xX New Member

    Any one know when will steam gift card come back in razer silver catalog???

    Plz replay
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