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Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by The6135, Jan 21, 2018.

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  1. The6135

    The6135 New Member

    So I ordered the blackwidow chroma v2 - green switches from the razer EU store thinking that, by choosing the EU store, i wouldn't have to pay duty fees. But after the shipment was sent it says its coming from "YUEN LONG HK" meaning I will have to pay duty fees, right?
    And i doubt i got the store selection wrong seen as I redeemed the Zsilver 20USD discount (Aprox 16,5 euros off) and the price was showing in euros anyways.
    Edit: It's shipping to Portugal, and it says that VAT is 0.
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  2. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    Generally speaking, when you make the purchase from your correct store then the price won't go up once the purchase is complete. Regardless of where it ships from.

    There are some rare occasions where that's been wrong, but so far I've only heard of Canadians getting hit with additional import fees after the initial purchase. :)
  3. The6135

    The6135 New Member

    Thank you, will post here after it arrives.
  4. Plumpak

    Plumpak Member

    Never got a duty fee and all Razer stuff (EU store) came from HK, same as yours.
    Btw shipment route is kind of funny: HK->Japan->France->Germany->Poland, but one time it went through USA =]
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  5. H00dy

    H00dy Well-Known Member

    "...shipment route is kind of funny: HK->Japan->France->Germany->Poland..."
    Probably it's because Poland is at the boundary of civilized world, further is only russia - altered state of mind. ;) :) No offence :D :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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  6. The6135

    The6135 New Member

    Yeah mine went HK -> Anchorage, AK (USA) -> Memphis TN (USA)->France->Madrid (spain) -> Finally Portugal. It supposed to arrive today until 6pm, it's currently 4:30pm
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  7. Srnity

    Srnity Active Member

    As far as I know, we Canadians get hit with duties due to the NAFTA! Anything, except clothing, that is made overseas, but bought from a US store (like Razer and Blizzard) we get hit with duties.
  8. The6135

    The6135 New Member

    It arrived fine and no duties applied! yay i'm a happy gamer.
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  9. H00dy

    H00dy Well-Known Member

    Congrats, i know this feeling, pretty awesome :)
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  10. Srnity

    Srnity Active Member

    I am happy to hear that you didn't have to pay any duties! Have fun gaming!:smiley:
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  11. josuv22

    josuv22 Member

    when you buy from Razer EU store, you have already paid EU VAT on your order so they are no other taxes to be applied.
  12. DigitalImp

    DigitalImp New Member

    I can confirm that I've also had nothing extra to pay the two times I've bought stuff from the UK store. And shipping for both went Hong Kong -> Japan -> France -> UK so it looks like France might be the hub for European delivery.
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