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Evil log in fail on all OS and VeraCrypt etc.

Discussion in 'Systems' started by RazerHasi, Aug 11, 2018.

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  1. RazerHasi

    RazerHasi New Member

    There is a very bad failure with my passwords. Is there some hardware/BIOS whatever involved in creating password hashes??? The story:

    Hardware: 14" Razer Blade, i7-7700HQ
    OS 1: Win10
    OS 2: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
    Two VeraCrypt files, that get manually inluded, A) for Email and browser, B) for file backup

    Currently I use most of the times Windows. Fake-off-modus is deactivated (so shutdown is a real shutdown which is needed for booting into Linux), but mostly I set to "save enegy" and resume Windows when starting to work on the PC.

    Suddenly after a "sleep" I could not log in back into Windows, I rebooted, could log in, but the VeraCrypt file said "wrong password", so I rebooted again and then I could not log into Windows any more at all. I booted into Linux, could log in once and after checking a non working VeryCrypt file I logged out and wasn't able to log in into Linux as well.

    I am a 100% sure that the passwords are correct, they are different passwords, and only one VeraCrypt file was mounted when this all started (so some virus that deletes the passwords somewhere would not work as it could not identify the specific encrypted file, also: same time on two OS?). In Linux I even copy-pasted the password into the fields, no typos.

    I have two keyboards and all give the same result (so no keyboard-hardwere failure). No country settings where changed or are available for the keyboard (but also tested typing as it where an EN keyboard (is DE)).

    Fix currently:
    1) hacked into Linux as root and deleted user password, loged in and gave it the same password as before (but now keyring says that the PW from login and keyring are not matching (even if it is the same), I can't access it any more).
    2) used a Linux tool to delete MS user password, logged in into Windows and set the old password again
    3) moved the smaller VeraCrypt file to an external hard disk and opend it on another PC (where the password works again), saved data and created a new crypt file to store the data again

    This does not work for the bigger file!

    So: what on earth can influence the password comparison from a saved password and the new given input in Win10 and Ubuntu at the same time? For system and software like VeraCrypt? I would think, that there is some hardware that is used as "salt" maybe? But then: why would one of the VeraCrypt files work on another PC, while the other one does not?

    Would be nice if some hardcore user can explain and help me to regain access.

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